July 21, 2010

Making a Name

I spent most of yesterday afternoon with Sheryl and the girls, with my portable metal studio, making pendants outside on their patio.  I am working on these for the Craft Faire at Maker Faire in about a week and a half.  I wanted to continue the line of thought that I started with my Steampunk Sampler as well as have some mechanical/steampunk/industrial looking things that both compliment Alex's work and which might appeal to the tech geek crowd that will likely attend the Faire!  I am not sure how to sell these pendants...I am thinking on a simple brown suede cord or chain.  I don't want to add too much to the cost of the necklace, and they are pretty intricate as they are so I am leaning toward the cord.  What do you think?  I also need a name for these, any suggestions?

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  1. Time Tinkering.
    Time Tinkers.....Something along that line.
    Perhaps "Inner Workings".

    This is pretty neat stuff!! GO YOU!!
    I would also love to hear more about your portable studio :)

  2. oh I like inner workings! That's a good one!

    The portable studio is just a lunch tray and a heavy bag with all my tools thrown into it! But "portable studio" sounds much more glamorous, eh?

  3. I love these pendants...
    Name suggestion "RadarLove"

  4. Thanks! That's a fun title! Maybe a good contender for one of my Song Lore posts, too.

  5. Oh oh oh I got one "Time Passages" good song lore post too maybe? You made them while passing time so that could be good (maybe)

    I think if you want to sell cord a lot cord is the way to go!


  6. Hi Melanie! these are FAB!!! Will you post any on Etsy after the show? How about Tech Punk or Time Punk as a name?

    Definitely use the cord, it'll be unisex that way.


    Dori Powell

  7. You might consider carrying both cord and chain to the Faire. Just charge a bit more, as appropriate, for the chain. I'm a huge fan of chain and think that it adds a little bit more polish. Having an option of both will allow you to hit both crowds and also different price points.

  8. I agree with Andrew. I would give options. I would also be interested in buying something for me! But more so that I can use it in a piece of jewelry, not on a cord!

    When I saw these, I immediately thought of Rube Goldberg and his comically complicated machines that do a simple task. Check it out here:http://www.rubegoldberg.com/

    Enjoy the day!

  9. Kristen, I like the thought of making them while passing time! Yeah, cord will add very little cost to them, that is appealing

    Dori, I really like those names! I'm trying to move a little away from using "punk" in my titles and stuff though. "Tech" definately!

    Erin, One of the reasons I like the idea of cord is that beaders are more likely to not think of it as a finished piece and will use the pendant for beading, which I am all about! Oh and I love Rube Goldberg, and that is very much in the spirit of Maker Faire!

    Andrew, I agree. Maybe I will have them come with cord standard, and have a chain upgrade available. That might be a good solution!

  10. hmmm...

    how about "Gadget Geekery"?


  11. Some of that nice silk cord or ribbon might be nice to hang them on too. It could pick up the colors, and might appeal to the female attendees more. Could be an upgrade along with the chain.

    What about "Tinker's Trinkets"?

  12. Lindsay, I like Tinker Trinkets too! Wow, such great names, everyone! I do have the silk ribbon, too so thats a good idea!

  13. Melanie, I have no titles to offer other than the gems you've already got. But I do make a heaps of pendants for the monthly market I do and offer up a selection of ways to hang them, leather, chain (several types). It works well. I also display them with a couple of different options so that people can get a feel for how they will work. People here love to customize their pendants!

  14. Cord, chain or ribbon? A choice is a good idea.

  15. When I first saw your new pendants, I immediately thought "Gears". I like the choice of both cord and chain, but why not also just have some pendants on cards? Another option, and it would also keep the price reasonable.

  16. I've been turning it over...."Time Captured", "Time Stands Still", "Disassembled", "Exposed Time"....just a few. I think the cording or the chain would work. Ball chain would be fun and inexpensive and match with the way the pendants look.
    Bead Happy!

  17. Thanks for your ideas, everyone!

    ooh Ball chain! I might have some of that!

  18. As far as name how about "Down a Rabbit Hole"? Alice in Wonderland is so steampunk.

    And I would give a choice of a cord or a brass chain. Neither should raise the price too much.