July 2, 2010

Hidden Places

Wow, I actually got up early and started to clean like I said I would last night!  Before my coffee, even.  Now I need a caffeine break so I thought I would blog and do a little computer work.  But the cleaning momentum is in motion now so I will be working on that all day, taking "breaks" to do the work that has to be done.  It's another order shipping day as soon as the kiln cools.
My cleaning goal today is to get the main floor tidy (which means the bedroom, bead room, living room, dining room, kitchen).  I'm not going to work too hard on the bead room other than vacuuming, as that is a different type of cleaning.  I'm not doing studio cleaning, I am doing regular life cleaning.  And my main goal is to tackle the few hidden closets on the main floor.  They are places that have been ignored for years: the coat closet, the linen closet, the little hallway closet, and the under the sink cupboards.  They are tiny closets, in my defense, and as this old house doesn't offer much in terms of storage, they are jammed so full I don't even know what is there anymore.  Probably a lot of things from another lifetime ago.  So its time to clean and purge it all.  Wish me luck!

These architectural ceramic squares were wildly popular at Bead & Button.  I came home with only a handful.  Same as the tiny ones that matched them so well.  I can't wait to make more... once these orders are done, I can start to play again.  I have listed these in the Etsy shop.

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  1. I love these ceramic squares, the colours are just beautiful and anything geometric just grabs me straight away. Getting in the mood for cleaning somehow eludes me most of the time so while your on a cleaning bent go with it.