July 8, 2010

French Souvenirs

I picked up Jeremy from the airport today from his week long stay in France.  It sounds like he had an amazing time and told me a little bit about it on the ride home and while we quickly ate Thai food, before he went to sleep off his jet lag.  He brought me back some presents too!  Having known me all his life, and having traveled with me, he knows I would not be so interested in some touristy trinket (well, unless it was absurdly kitschy or something) and he is not the type to buy such things either.  What he brought me is an amazing little bit of everyday life and history that relates to the work I have been doing.  Is he awesome or what?  

In the picture above, in the center, is a piece of old tile, weathered by the waters of Vallauris.  It is a historic ceramic factory city, and on the beach there, you can walk and find bits of worn porcelain, stoneware, and terra cotta like you might find sea glass.  I can see him being very inspired by that experience in his own work.

Also, in an antique store, he found a collection of delightful old keychains.  I love the two above with the images of the chair and kitchen.  Oh I love the kitchen one so much!  It totally fits with the house and home inspired things I have been making lately and I plan to mold it to use somehow.  I am looking forward to translating the words on the backs of them too.  Below are some sculpted keychains made of plastics and metals.  Look at the pumpkin!  And bagpipes?  neato!  I don't know what the round one is supposed to be (any ideas?) but it is hollow and he thought I could fill it with resin.  I think a mold made of the top would make a nice little bezel too.

I am glad he had a good time but I am also glad he is home!  And he brought me goodies that I love!  YAY
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  1. Looks like some kind of baking pan to me!

  2. lucky girl! It looks like a small version of the old copper jello molds.
    Bead Happy!

  3. It looks like a jello mold to me too! Boy what a lucky girl that he knows you so well that makes them even more special!

  4. I have to agree, the round one looks just like this copper jello mold that my mom had hanging on her kitchen wall. Where is that thing, anyway? Nice giftees!

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  6. I had a former co-worker who used to joke that I was a French woman trapped in an American body