July 6, 2010


I'm experimenting with some different, more arty photo angles and cropping for the Etsy shop, just to try something new.  Also, today I had my friend Travis come over to experiment with molds.  He works with gaming miniatures, which I don't know that much about, so it was fun to talk with someone who approaches small items in a different way.  The miniatures have nothing to do with beads and jewelry, but they are on the same scale as what I work with, so I learned about different materials that I might be able to incorporate with my work.  I also learned some things about the materials I already work with. For instance...questions like "can the molding rubber I use be pressed on itself to make a two part mold?" (answer: kind of... it works but would work better with a release agent).  I am curious to hear about his experiments at home using his green epoxy resin clay in the molds, and maybe I will get to play with some of that next time.  I also made a few molds that I have needed to make and played around with some of the new Concrete Epoxy Resin Clay that I bought from Sherri Haab at the Bead & Button show.  Interesting stuff... shows some promise!  All in all, it was really great to take a break from production and my regular clay to brainstorm and try some new things!
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  1. I like the photo at top of the page, it shows off the textures. I too have been thinking I should be more atysy with my photos, I tend to be very straight forward, and I think I need to loosen up photography wise.

  2. I like the photo! I've been taking pictures of my jewelry outside on rocks, hanging from tree limbs. I'm not sure if this is a better or worse thing. Because they let us have so many pictures I also include the more straight forward pic on black and white back ground. Like I said I'm not positive if its better or worse to do it this way,but I like the way the pieces look photographed in nature.

  3. p.s. I looked at your etsy. I like the way your photographs look. It helps that the pieces are so fantastic! I think they would look great no matter how you choose to photograph them.

  4. Loving the new pendants and links in your blog (and...because I can't help myself) throughout your shop. :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/earthenwood Very well done!


  5. Indian Creek, Thanks...that's exactly what I mean... loosening up on some of the pics. Because what LissC says, they give us so many on Etsy, it seems like a waste not to use them all!

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone!