July 23, 2010


I have been busy working on orders and stock for Maker Faire as well as some tedious Real Life stuff that really takes a lot of energy out of me.  But the good news is that I have finished and signed all the paperwork for my refinance, which I hope will get finished soon.  After months of calling and researching and trying to figure this mortgage stuff out, I think my timing was just right for some new refinance programs, and I was able to get a good deal.  Just have to wait now and hope nothing goes wrong.  I really need for this chapter of my life to be over.
I made some new Detroit skyline pendants for Maker Faire and was so excited to get them fired, I put them in the kiln too soon and most of them exploded.  I feel stupid for having made such a beginner's mistake.  What, am I new here?  No, I guess just overly excited and in a time crunch.  I will get the 8 or so glazed and fired by morning and maybe I will love them so much that I will make a new batch.  It's hard not to be a little bummed about that time and work lost, especially because of such a mistake.
I made the necklace above a couple of weeks ago to show an example using some of the new ceramic Toggle Clasps that I have been making lately. I'm waiting on some pewter toggle bars to come in so I can list more!  The necklace is made of a bunch of chunky semi precious stones and pearls, in a variety of earthy and dusty grey colors.  I really like this color palette!

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  1. Very pretty!

    Refinancing can be a pain! Glad thats done for you!

    Happy Day!

  2. Woo Hoo, yay on the refi! Hope all closes smoothly...We just did our place and closed a week ago, with the notary at our dining room table at 9pm on a Monday night... such a relief :)