June 7, 2010

Ten Days of Giveaways: Day Six: Newsprint and Skulls

 Welcome to the second week of daily giveaways to celebrate my 1000th blog post!  Today I have a batch of the new newsprint-like components that I showed yesterday.  After getting everything fired and paired up and priced, I found I had these odd pieces, all in the same glaze palette, so I thought I would offer them up here on the blog!  I also have some fun lampwork glass skulls from Rings and Things* to giveaway, also in black and white.
 To win today's prize, leave a comment on the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles blog with an answer to the following question:

What are your favorite blogs or daily online reads?

One winner will be chosen at random from all the comments. Comments are screened and will be posted June 15th.  All winners will be chosen and posted to the blog on June 15th, so be sure to check back then. You must respond to the June 15th winner post and follow the directions to claim your prize within one week of the posting.  After a week, I reserve the right to choose another winner.  Good luck and thanks for commenting!
 *FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & Things were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program
Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. I can't pick a fave, I follow 250+, but Lorelei's is one I always check first.

  2. My very favorite blog is Cake Wrecks. It's hilarious, updates every day, and isn't too dirty.

  3. I have quite an eclectic group that I like to check ... primarily artisans to enjoy working with their hands. My newest discovery is Q is for Quilt. She created a table topper for Halloween based upon a vintage paper doily she saw online. I was lucked to find an original in another coloration at a recent vintage holiday show. I loved her inspiration to take a vintage piece and use the design in an entirely new way. I may try my hand.

  4. I love to read the beading blogs, and check them out every day, yours just happens to be my favorite though, I have an odd assortment of blogs that I follow, from writing to cooking to knitting, but beading comes in first!since it is my passion, I love to read and drool over every ones creations, although sometimes it does make me feel a little unaccomplished, in compasison

  5. Juls of Julsbeads. She always makes me laugh! I also like to look at Art Bead Scene and tons of other blogs. Plus your blog is in my favorites also.

  6. I love to read Nina Bagley Blog Ornamental. I think that's my favorite one. regards Stefanie

  7. Well, um, yours of course!
    Art Bead Scene
    Silver Parrot - KJ is hilarious!
    Julsbeads - that girl rocks! Purty beads too!
    Laundry Hurts My Feelings - even more hilarity!
    Life With A Little One and More - hilarious with a child!
    Something Sublime - Deryn Mentock is my idol
    anything by Margot Potter
    KAB's Creative Concepts - I stand in awe
    Humblebeads - love her inspirations
    Cerebreal Dilletante - Kiersten is a dynamo
    Brandi Girl - is all about the color
    Lorelei - can she get any better?

    Thanks for sharing, Melanie!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. Well, I read my blog roll which is getting WAY too long. Obviously your blog is on it!! I also check etsy out every day to see what new things my favs have posted and check treasuries.

  9. hat are your favorite blogs or daily online reads?

    I like to read every day my livejournal friends and groups, http://itmademyday.com/and http://notalwaysright.com/

    I so want this prize! I love the skulls, Samantha dolphin-daze

  10. i love today's pick. i think it's the newspaper print,that sold me...i want to take time to thank you for sharing your art,with us.and,for a chance to win some of that art.
    now, to answer your question,for today. this is an easy one.i read several,so i will list just a few of my favorites:your blog,art bead scene,lorelei's blog,carmi's blog,katie hackers blog,and that's just a few of my fav's....
    barbara hopkins

  11. My favourite blogs are Lorelei`s and jennifer Heynan`s - Jangles. I have recently begun to follow MissFickleMedia and a general craft blog - Make and Do on the Canadian Living website. Lots of neat ideas and great weekly giveaways.

  12. hmmmmmm, that is a tough one! i am a bit addicted to trying to pay attention to what is going on at many blogs... i like the art bead scene and objects & elements blogs... and just found one at moma...

  13. I love Kabs creative concepts - she is so warm, funny and creative!

  14. I look forward to reading your posts daily! I also like thenoisyplume.blogspot.com/ katemckinnon.wordpress.com/ and andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/ . You all talk about your daily lives and artistic process.It inspires me.

  15. Your newsprint beads are awesome and I'm sure you will sell tons at the Bead Show. People will be crazy not to like them.

    Favorite Blogs/Daily Reads:
    Tim Holtz
    Deborah Boschert
    Polymer Clay Daily

    Yahoo groups:
    Trading Fabric Post Cards
    Art Bead Scene Blog
    North Texas Polymer Clay Guild
    The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts
    North Texas Mixed Media Group
    Quilting Daily
    Ten Seconds Studio

    And now I like yours too! I get all my feeds through Feedblitz...

    kjkoukla(at ) hotmail (dot) com

  16. I have a pretty long more-or-less daily blog list, but the one that helps me find cool stuff on Etsy is Totusmel's Wunderkammer.

  17. I have several regular stops - thepioneerwoman.com, www.kittencalskitchen.com, www.icanhascheezburger.com (it's all about the kittehs) - first sites I check after work to kick back and relax.

  18. Oh my goodness! rad so many--have you now added...I do jewelry and papercrafting so there are many papercrafing ones I read.. modpdgerocks.blogspot is my fave. and paperlicious.typepad.com is a fave not just for her cards but for the wit of the author- an attny in n Va. :)
    Also enjoy pine is here and FreckledNest :)
    These beads ROCK by the way!!!

  19. I read a lot of beady blogs, but yours is one of the favourites - you have an amazing inspiration! Besides that, Art Bead Scene and Lorelei are the only ones I visit daily, because they tend to write daily, which I love because I have something to look forward to when I get home from work.

  20. I read a lot of beady blogs, but yours is one of the Favourites - you have an awesome inspiration! Besides that, Art Bead Scene and Lorelei are the only ones I read daily, because they update daily. And I love that, because it gives me something to look forward to when I get home from work. :)

  21. My favorite daily online read is catching up with friends on Live Journal and Facebook.

  22. Love the newsprint beads!

    I have a list of favorite beady sites saved in my favorites that I try to visit a couple times a week. It's got at least 100 blogs in it--and picking a favorite would be difficult!
    Also, I love to read articles and inspiration blogs on women in business.


  23. My favorite blogs is a tough question - I have 270 subscriptions according to Feedly ;)

    I always look at LOLCats and LOLdogs though. And Etsy Bitch is nice and snarky. I also like Regretsy and Cake Wrecks (can you tell my sense of humor yet??)

  24. Hmmmm my fave blogs are many and varied, but the ones I check most often are: the ABS for the latest news in our creative world; Juls Beads because she is hilarious and wonderfully talented; and Kerry Bogert's because I love her photos and down to earth style.

  25. Love the skulls.
    Thanx for the time and effort to do these
    give aways.
    all the best, linn

  26. That is tough! I have a list on my blog that I visit when they have new posts, so I guess those are my favorites :) I try to add new ones when I find something that I want to read often and I edit out the ones that have stopped updating.

  27. I have so many favourite blogs (yours included)that it takes best part of the morning to get through them all. I just love the newsprint pieces, such a beautiful and unusual colour.

  28. Aside from the usual suspects (like this blog)? One of my favorites is Brandi Girl, by Brandi of Catie's Blue. Her jewelry photography is always very radiant and colorful, and I love that. She also features random artists and does a "10 things about" segment, and those are interesting! You can find it at http://brandi-girl.blogspot.com/

  29. Honestly I read all the blogs I follow as soon as they post something they have all become a part of my daily life. (Look at my blog to see the list its kind of long)

  30. I follow so many blogs and comics, I can't really list all favourites. I guess a couple of blogs I read more or less every day and often find inspiration from are Vintaj blog, Beading Gem's Journal and Art Bead Scene Blog. And The Graphics Fairy to find some useful vintage graphics to either use or be inspired by.

  31. Must reads for me are yours, Lorelei's, Silver Parrot and Andrew Thornton's.

  32. Hi, Melanie - Besides all the ABS blogs (of course!), one of my favorites is The Beading Gem's Journal; it is a real eye-opener to ALL SORTS of jewelry history, current trends (some WAY OUT THERE), designers, tutorials, etc. - it's always fun to see what the topics of the day are.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. What are your favorite blogs or daily online reads?
    I have tons so I listed the top 5 I love :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I have many, many favorite blogs but here are my top 4. They teach me, make me smile, and most of all encourage me to be a better artist:


  35. I always check out Earthenwood of course,& Humblebeads , & Facebook, news & weather, recent music also. I don't spend as much time as I used to, browsing....takes away my precious creating time.

  36. Oh I have a lot of blogs that I follow. One I definitely follow and enjoy is yours. I also really like Pearl's beading blog even though I am blanking on the name and of course "One Bead at a Time"


  37. Wow, I have too many to list. Since I just found this one today I have added it to my list of daily reading. I do try to read NieNieDialogues daily her story is inspiring.