June 10, 2010

Ten Days of Giveaways: Day Nine: Goddesses and Squiggles

 Welcome to day eight of the Ten Days of Giveaways!  Today I have a selection of goddess charms and pendants!  I am writing this earlier in the week, but when this posts I will be setting up for Bead & Button and getting ready to see lots of awesome people, some of whom I only see one time a year at the show.  Today's prize is dedicated to all of those bead goddesses!  It's not all women... I look forward to seeing my bead guys too...  I love getting to chat face to face with people at the show that I have admired for years.

Anyway, today's giveaway is the collection of goddess pendants above and the sterling silver squiggle links below.  I bought them to make kits for a project that appeared in a magazine, but they were discontinued so I had to switch to something else.  I had this little stash left over, and I really love them, but can't use them anymore.  They remind me of little branches, which I think would look great with any of the goddesses above.
 To win today's prize, leave a comment on the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles blog with an answer to the following question:

Who are your beady or crafty goddesses (or gods, lol)?  Who's work do you admire the most in your craft?

One winner will be chosen at random from all the comments. Comments are screened and will be posted June 15th.  All winners will be chosen and posted to the blog on June 15th, so be sure to check back then. You must respond to the June 15th winner post and follow the directions to claim your prize within one week of the posting.  After a week, I reserve the right to choose another winner.  Good luck and thanks for commenting!

Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. That is too hard to answer because there are so many. My most admired are not necessarily those that do the most amazing work, but also have ethics and are down to earth and not above taking a moment to answer a question. However, for eye candy, I would say Sherry S.

  2. Well obviously, I admire your work. Also Joan Miller and Mary Harding. Natalie Pappas, There are so many. I'm leaving people out. But the great ceramic bead artists.

  3. I admire so many artists, too many to really list, but I love nina bagley' pearls & words,the collages of found objects by Susan L Kazmer & Marina of Fanciful Devices. I also like how Lorelei mixes all the elements/colours she does in her work. Ok, enough gushing for now!

  4. Great giveaways! Fave people? So many of them. So many diff categorys...Your things are great I love Gaeas too. Cynthia Thornton is something else talent wow woman. Lampworking Michelle Waldren is awesome!

  5. I think Nina Bagley and Susan Lenart Kazmer - love to be as skillful and creative as they are. regards Stefanie

  6. You for the creativity and the new and different components you come up with all the time.

    Heather Powers for the loveliest polymer clay beads...

    Lorelei Eurto for use of colour in jewelry.

  7. Beautiful beads! I love so many different media, artists and artisans. There's never enough art in the world. You definitely win for ceramic beads. Gordon Uyehara is my favorite silver art clay master. Kiva Atkinson and Nikki Rowe are my favorite miniaturists. Kathleen Dustin should be elevated to polymer clay goddess if she hasn't been already. I am concentrating on making cards these days, and I admire Carmi Cimicata for her intense level of production as well as her consistent high-quality products. I could list more favorites... hundreds!

  8. since I am mainly a bead weaver I tend to relate more with bead weaving artists, even though I can't see myself ever being as talented as most of the ones I follow, partially due to the fact I am slowly losing my ability to see well enough to work with such small beads, I think my "Crafty Goddess" has to be Laura McCabe.......but with my eyes failing me I am trying to transition towards bigger things like wire wrapping and stringing,so am loving the bigger ceramic focal goodies

  9. At the risk of sounding brown-nosy, i love all the blogs i follow. I get so much out of seeing what everyone is doing!

  10. Erin Prais-Hintz is at the top of my list, she was the first one to really inspire me along with Kelly Morgan. Later in my beading career came Lorelei Eurto and sooo many others that I won't start mentioning names because I know I will forget someone!!

  11. This is a very hard question to answer, as I am constantly amazed by the talent and creativity out there - just a click away from my keyboard. I would have to say my first and foremost goddess of inspriation is my mother - although she doesn't make jewelery, she has been buying and gifting hand crafted necklaces, earrings and bracelets for as long as I can remember. If we are in the same city during a craft sale, we ususally go together. After years of receiving great pieces, I decide to try my hand at it myself. It is a hobby/creative outlook and my mother has graciously received my efforts as gifts over the last several years - and she wears them outside the house!

    More recently, I have counted on Lorelei Eutro and Jennifer Heynen as sources of inspiration -I am big fans of both of their work.

  12. seriously, you want me to name names? i admire people who are innovative... and in touch with what feels right to them... people like susan lenart kazmer, nina bagley, barbara lewis, nancy schindler, shannon levart... i do not want to offend anyone i leave out - just know that my thinking capabilities are limited right now from lack of sleep! i do hope you have a blast at b&b... the goddesses are gorgeous!

  13. William Morris, because I'm a printer and bookbinder. Mary Shelley because I'm a writer. Also my mom. She's totally awesome.

  14. Love your goddess charms. Cute!!

    One of my "gods" is Tim Holtz, the man's creativity is amazing.
    kjkoukla(at )hotmail (dt) com

  15. I visit lots of different blogs for beading and crafting. There are so many I enjoy. I love Katie Hacker for beading.

  16. Who are your beady or crafty goddesses (or gods, lol)? Who's work do you admire the most in your craft?

    The first person that comes to mind is Robin Atkins at Beadlust, she inspired me to first try bead embroidery. Ard'ell at Gypsy's Ramblings, Jude at Spirit Cloth.

  17. Let's see: Deities of my craft that I admire....you *grin* Cynthia, Greg and Andrew of Green Girl Studios, the folks at Zoa Art and Unicorne Beads, Nina B Designs...Elise Matheson (local bead and wire artist and writer). For all of the above, I love the imagination, well-polished and professional look they give their creations, and their ever-creative vision of their lives and their visions.

  18. Oh man, another tough question. I admire so many artists, so I'm going to go with the first one's that influenced me to enter this craziness called beading:
    Wendy Witchner
    Lisa Niven Kelly
    Rachel Nelson-Smith
    Laura McCabe
    Cynthia Rutledge
    Ann Mitchell

  19. Hard question! I like a variety of styles so I have a variety of faves. I guess Lorelei would be one of the best - 98% of the time, I identify with her pieces. And she introduced me to so many of the other blog and etsy artisans.

  20. I've always had a serious weakness for your goddesses and I can really see some interesting potential for the silver squiggles.

  21. I think you are a bead goddess!

  22. melanie,
    i love them! love them! i have been so excited about getting 10 chances to win some of your work,i just hope i win.now,here's my answer to your ?,this one was hard for me, because i do have a few favorites:

    lani kent-healing expressions
    you-earthewood studio[no,i'm not naming you for the contest ,i really do love your work]
    matthew nix- create a pendant
    katie hacker
    jennifer ?-jangles.com
    the vintage workshop
    that's just to name a few. i hope 6 was enough for you to get an idea of my taste.it's a bit of a mixture...

    thanks again for the giveaways
    barbara hopkins at

  23. That's a tough one! I do enjoy Katie Hackers work, if I had to name just *one* :)

  24. I really enjoyed seeing your work in person at the bead and button- I do admire what you do. Recently, I 'discovered' wonderful creative spirit in Stephanie Lee and signed up for a weekend workshop at Valley Ridge in Wisconsin in October.

  25. I guess there is no particular god/dess I follow. I check out blogs & magazines, often looking for quirky colour combinations or maybe a mix of textures etc. Of course, your blog is always checked out & a newsletter from you always inspires me.

  26. Oh I would love to win this giveaway as I am Pagan...

    Let's see whose work to I love. I love yours because it is so edgy and I am drawn to the steampunk style. I greatly admire Margo's because it is always so fresh and it always sparks ideas. I love the colors and designs with wire that Kerry Borgart comes up with.

    There are just too many to name as I tend to draw inspiration from everyone. And then there are others whose level of craftmanship draws me on.

  27. Well, there are quite a few beady gods and goddesses that inspire me... but two skills in particular that I really admire are the ability to make asymmetrical-ity work, and the ability to make jewelry that's downright unusual, but still wearable. Lorelei Eurto excels at the first, and Melissa J. Lee puts out some beautiful jewelry that seems to fit right into the niche of the second category.

  28. Beautiful beads!

    I find there are so many artists that I love, and it would be difficult to choose just one! I'm drawn to creations with bright colors, mixed metals, fibers, earthy colors, and steampunk designs.


  29. Eeee, goddesses!!

    My jewelry goddesses are many. One of my greatest personal influences is my friend Joy, of goddessjoy.artfire.com -- her work is so inspiring and glorious, and she helped me open up my own style tremendously. I would not be the jewelry artist I am now if it had not been for her.