June 12, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Red Brick Dream

Ok, I am kind of cheating today on the Song Lore post, but it's Bead & Button Show time, and I have been hella busy.  I was listening to older XTC as I was making these pieces and the imagery fits the look I was going for, so we'll call it an inspiration.  The toggles in particular remind me of today's song, "Red Brick Dream" which is full of railroad, machinery, and bricklaying imagery. I can almost hear the trains whistle and the machines whirring and smell the coal burning. I can always count on Andy Partridge for a healthy shot of inspiration:

"Red brick dream
Windows scream
As the rusting North Star shines above
And drops its iron beams
Crashing down upon the rooves of Swindon Town

I heard the engine's dying breath
Castles and kings all starved to death
I dropped the coronation cup
Sshh, please don't wake them up from
Red brick dream

Red brick dream
Buttons gleam
By the light of the furnace pouring
Molten memories
Splashing down upon the rooves of Swindon Town

The men of muscle piston rods
Who forged the horses of the gods
They made the town a set of chains
And sleeping it remains in
Red brick dream"

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  1. what really beutiful pieces these would make!! <3

  2. Oh I love those toggles. I can see them kicking up a black pearl necklace.