June 29, 2010

Oval Links, Sensitive Skin, and Awesome Friends

I'm feeling rambly tonight, so here's what I have going on... I have started to photograph and list in the Etsy shop some of the stock that I have that sold so well at the Bead & Button show, like these oval links.  They are very versatile accents that work well with the oval toggles and the larger pendants, which I made in several different colorways.  I loved making these and am so glad there was a good response, and I can't wait to make more once I finish this current pile of orders.
 Today I finally went to a dermatologist for the few different skin issues I have been having lately.  I've had itchy red eyes on and off for about a month which is likely allergy related, but I don't know if it's seasonal or environmental.  I have also had an issue with my hands itching and cracking, but that is most assuredly because of the clay and glazes.  She gave me a bunch of sample creams for both problems and seemed confident they would help.  I hope so!  I have always had eczema and skin problems since I was a child, and the dermatologists were never able to help back then, so I was hesitant to go to one (and pay out of pocket) as an adult.  I am hopeful this will help, particularly with my hands, because it makes it very hard to work in clay with cracked and painful hands!
 After the doctor and a yummy salad lunch, I drove out to hang out with my friends.  There were more there than I even expected and we had a great time by the poolside and at dinner.  I needed some good laughs and I got them!  hehe. My boy is away at summer camp as a guardian for his Boy Scout troop, but I got to talk to him for a few minutes on the phone on the drive home from seeing friends. He is out in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception, and I was in a traffic jam, so the connection didn't last long, but it was good to hear his voice for a minute or two.  I'm settling in for a scary movie and beadmaking tonight.  *yawn* let's see if I can make it through...
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  1. HI Melanie, hope you have some joy with the creams from your dermatologist......tricky for you, as your hands are your livelihood. Just wanted to tell you that my parcel of goodies I won in your give-away arrived safely today in the wide brown land of Oz. Thank you so much for your generous prizes...now to put the thinking cap on! Best wishes, Jude

  2. Christine RitcheyWednesday, June 30, 2010

    Do you have pale delicate skin? I've had the same problems too. My worst reaction was to working with a batch of Egyptian paste. My hands turned red and got so swollen that I couldn't even begin to make a fist. Now I use surgical gloves when I work with that stuff. Sure hope one or all of the skin cream sample work for you!

    I LOVE the new pairs! Please make lots! :-)

  3. Jude, glad to hear your goodies made it to you! Have fun!

    Christine, yes I have pale freckled skin. Egyptian paste is full of irritating salts and stuff, I am not surprised if effected you that way. I think I am allergic to iron oxide, so I stopped using the dark red clays that I love years ago. Porcelain seems ok at least, with less irritation to my hands.

  4. Sorry about the skin problems but I can relate. I know this sounds silly but helps my cracked hands so much:
    1. Bag Balm - it is what they use on cows - you can get it at a quilt shop or feed store
    2. Zimm's Crack Cream - silly name but it helps also.
    Good luck.

  5. My hands have been bad this summer working with polymer clay and the heat, chlorine in the pool. I just bought a really nice product yesterday at a special pharmacy I went to called "Gloves in a Bottle" You can use it on hands, face and body. It actually coats your skin and shields it. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance and color free. Pretty cool stuff!

  6. melanie,
    this is barbara hopkins. i was the winner of Day #2 in your giveaway. i just received the beads on Friday,and i wanted to let you know they arrived,and that the picture didn't give them justice...i absolutely love them. i want to thank you,because i am a big fan,and due to being on disability, i could not afford to buy off your site. diasability sucks!!!nevertheless
    i wanted you to know they arrived,and i love them.thank you so very much,
    barbara hopkins at