June 30, 2010

Mechanical Motion

This is a pendant that I made during my class last Saturday in-between demos and helping the students out.  There were some quiet moments when everyone was happily working, so I dabbled with a few things I have been working on.  I had ordered the Tall Tag pendants from Vintaj as my gift from the last order and I was excited to punch holes in them and attach bits of metal and clay to form long pendants.  
The long nuts and bolt screws from Objects and Elements are so very versatile and are perfect for making cold connections to join materials that might not otherwise be riveted or hammered (like fired clay).  They can be screwed together, the bolts cut down and filed, and even carefully hammered to flare out the cut end of the bolt to keep the nut in place.  Really fun stuff!
Some of these clay parts are new.  Little bits of clay that I pressed into molds that I made of model train wheels and other little bits.  I have a few more pendants like this, but this one is going away tomorrow on a special journey to a secret place!  I hope to make more someday soon.

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  1. Really love this! Would make a cute pin, too.

  2. Very nice! The tag pendant looks very good with the gears. I like that you used bolts and screws as it really fits the "industrial" feel. From the back it looks like some part from an actual machine.

    And it does make me want to buy some micro screws myself (I did find a shop within the country, but their shipping costs are keeping me from shopping I'm afraid).

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the nuts/screws! They look really fun!