June 21, 2010

The Battle of the Back Yard

 This is another bracelet I designed that is in the current issue of Stringing Magazine.  It's full of my natural colored Terra Trinkets and Tierracast pewter charms and Vintaj brass rings with a single filigree bead and a Green Girl clasp... some of my favorite things!  I wanted this to resemble a seashore woodland pond, if that makes any sense.  Kind of like the woody path that my brother and I walked along when we were in the Bahamas.  It's got shells and birds and leaves and lillypads all mixed up together!  It's a feast of natural elements!

Alas, in reality, nature is mocking me.  This happens every year at this time... I get absorbed for about 3 weeks for Bead & Button, barely leaving the studio while getting ready, and then being at the show for 5 days, and then a week recovering... and when I go outside, the weeds and overgrowth has taken over.  It is overwhelming again and too hot for me to care anymore.  So I surrender, Back Yard, for another year! *sigh* Maybe my attention is best spent inside on cleaning up and a new home improvement project.

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  1. Very fun and funky! Love it!

  2. i just made this exact lament this morning..the yard..what happend back there..and it's HOT..so my vow is to spend 30 mintues each evening on one section at a time...it will add up, i've been told by my friend..we'll see.

  3. Your bracelet is beautiful!

    I'm the same way with my garden. Spring rolls around and I have visions of a garden full of bright flowers. Then life catches up with me and sweeps me away. The next thing I know the garden is full of weeds, the flowers are wilted, and frustrated, I give up--until the next year.

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