May 14, 2010

Wings of Clay

And to finish up the series of process posts about the new wing pendants, here is a group shot of the finished ones!  I like the variety of colors here, ranging from cool earthy greens and blues to browns and dark earth tones.  Each one of them is quite nice, I think!  A success!

Not much to say today, just trying to get work done.  I struggled with numbers and bank/mortgage stuff this morning, and I hope I have a new plan.  I got some pics together and entered the Craft Faire at Maker Faire Detroit with Alex.  It will be fun if we get in!  If we don't I still plan to go and enjoy the Faire!  Its been a long time since I applied to a show.  Today I hope to continue with production, but first I am heading out to the gym and to the local college to pick up some clay that was offered to me to try.  Whee! Clay!
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  1. Please bring some to Bead & Button! And I have to email you because I need something custom made.... for my gallery exhibit!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. The wings are fantastic! I just don't know how you can get so many new things made in such a short time :)