May 13, 2010

May Morning

Woke up to the sound of heavy rain and thunder this morning.  Also, an art shipping company arrived bright and early to take the crate of sculptures off to France for Jeremy's show.  Very exciting reason to wake up early!  I got up, made some coffee, and set up on the kitchen table.  I warmed up by making some accent beads.  I used up all of the reprocessed clay from yesterday, so I get to bust open a fresh bag of porcelain for my afternoon work.
Of course, the doggie is always nearby, usually underfoot.  Always nearby, especially when there is the potential for snacks.  She retired to the comfy couch shortly after posing for this picture, giving up on food and giving into the afternoon nap.
Before bed last night I filled up half of this canvas covered drying board.  Production mold stuff, which is good to work on when I am tired. Using my molds will give me lots of stock for the upcoming shows, even though I would rather have more of the one of a kind and hand tooled items.  I figured I would start with bulk items first, just so start seeing some inventory.  A few hours of production like this really builds it up fast.  I will work on some more unusual items this afternoon when I am awake and thinking and creative.  Starting now!
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  1. Love it! You will have to tell us how the show goes!