May 16, 2010

Head in the Clouds and Extra Links

 I've been working diligently on production this weekend. Making and Making more, thinking about nothing and everything as I work.  When I am able to concentrate some serious hours into working, I am most able to relax.  I realize that this is a little odd, but it is pretty awesome.  It means that I love my work so much it is when I am actually the calmest and happiest.  It's when I am not working that I get stressed.  So I have been busy with my hands in the clay and my head in the clouds.

Which make me think about the cloud pendants I recently finished.  I made this design a few months ago for the blog. I guess I am not all that excited about them, because it took me a long time to finish some.  I did one earlier that was seafoam with little white bubbles, and I liked that, but these new ones don't impress me much.  What do you think?  Maybe they look too brainy to me, I dunno.  

Anyway, I am hoping to do more production today.  Perhaps walk the dog at the park, maybe pick up some groceries, maybe work in the yard.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do.  I will leave you with this week's Extra links, and the hopes that you have a wonderful Sunday:

A Bead A Day
Creating jewelry for special vacations can help you look forward to upcoming trips and keep the memories fresh afterwards.

Art Bead Scene
Art Bead Scene has a new look and some new opportunties to get involved. Come see! 

Beading Arts
Rubber glass? Rubber glass?!? What the heck is rubber glass? 

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi uses some amazing digital images to create a new resin filled bezel necklace. 

Cindy Gimbrone aka The Lampwork Diva
Check out the new beads on Cindy's site - Turquoise Sky! 

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie starts production for the Bead & Button Show and has studio pictures to prove it! 

Heather shares some sketches of possible designs. 

Katie's Beading Blog
This week, Jean Campbell interviewed Katie for Beading Daily. Read some bonus Q&A on Katie's blog. 

Snap out of it, Jean!There's beading to be done!
Jean reviews Kate McKinnon's inspiring new book, Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry, with DVD included! 

Strands of Beads
Melissa shows off new designs using cool skull beads and charms from Rings & Things 

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Andrew hosts another Thursday Giveaway! This time, the prize comes courtesy of Natural Touch Beads! Find out how you can win some awesome resin jewelry components!  

Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. I think they put my little gray polymer clouds to shame (don't even bother looking, I will never list them). Seriously, your clouds are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Melanie, I was just thinking that I was hoping those were in your shop!! I have a bracelet idea that they would be perfect for!! You know, sometimes the things we are not sure about are the things that others like! I really love these little clouds :) Hope you list them :)

  3. aw, thanks Marie. Maybe that's something that I don't like about these... the scale. I think they would be too big for a bracelet. :( They are just over 2" long!

  4. I really like them, especially the blue and the teal one. I can see using them with some silk and flourite beads.