May 12, 2010

Flying Away

I am following up with a post I made the other day showing the process of these new wing pendants.  I pressed the first set of them yesterday, and here they are, all sanded and ready to fly into the kiln for the bisque firing.
Unfortunately, I dropped one of the wing molds before I could even use it, so I had to remake it.  I was able to use the other mold though!  When I have both molds ready to use, I plan to make some wing links with a hole on each side.  But for now, I have the one side of the wing as a pendant, and I will test out some glaze combinations.
I spent today driving all over metro Detroit (oh how I wish I could fly instead!).  We had a few errands and I ran out of clay yesterday.  It's production time, so I needed more asap.  I have 75lbs of porcelain in the house now, so all is well.  I even started to reprocess the last little bit of dry clay like a good girl (it's not one of my favorite jobs) and I will use that up tonight.  I am looking forward to settling in and getting my hands dirty!

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  1. I had no idea you could re-condition clay. Does that involve adding water and re-working it until it is usable? I find what you do very interesting :)