April 17, 2010

Sone Lore Saturday: Talking Bird

Today's Song Lore inspiration is "Talking Bird" by Deathcab for Cutie.  Oh, there is so much beautiful imagery in this song.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I am doing songs about birds for April.  Well, clearly this is a song about a bird, but I don't have as much bird imagery in the pieces that were been inspired by it.  Instead, I have been very drawn to the imagery of the cage, door, house, and window from the song. Some of the first finished glazed pieces are above and I love them so much it hurts a little. So I started making more.  Not much to look at yet, as they are still just wet clay, and not even sanded and refined, but I will show you the collection of things that were inspired by this song, alongside the lyrics.
"Oh, my talking bird
Though you know so few words
They're on infinite repeat
Like your brain can't keep up with your beak"
"You're kept in an open cage so you're free to leave or stay
Sometimes you get confused
Like there's a hint that I'm trying to give you
The longer you think the less you know what to do"
"It's hard to see your way out
When you live in a house in a house
'Cause you don't realize
That the windows were open the whole time "
"Oh, my talking bird
Though your feathers are tattered and furled
I'll love you all your days
'Till the breathe leaves your delicate frame"

"It's all here for you as long as you choose to stay...
It's all here for you as long as you don't fly away... "

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  1. just beautiful - i love the pieces you have created... and the top ones make my heart ache a bit too!

  2. Those new pieces are fantastic. The texture and coloring is yummy. Can not wait to see the finished ones too!

  3. LOVE YOUR BIRD CAGES!!! Oh dear! I'm shouting again aren't I? Lubly!