April 1, 2010


So I finally finished some of the pieces that I made for an older Song Lore post.  These top pieces were made for the song Breakdown, which has to do with trains. I wanted them to be really gritty and metallic and rusty, with train tracks (from actual model trains) and a bit of color to represent danger signs. They also have teeny little skull and crossbones, which I love as a detail.  Anyway, I photographed these before the bead shows, and there are a few left, which I have listed in the Etsy shop.

Also, in a related work session, I did the key pendant above.  I really love the way the rusty glaze pooled in the key impression, and I would love to do more of these soon.  The surface reminds me of all the old metal and tools and rust in this old house. Doing repairs on this house is overwhelming.  But it is amazing what improvements can be made when we set our minds to it.  Today, there was some real movement made! Alex decided to make some changes... working on some landscaping outside so we can entertain in the yard.  I even helped after a while, once I saw the progress he made!  We took a trip to the hardware store to shop for a fire pit this evening.  We didn't get one yet, but we picked up a new faucet for the wonky bathroom sink.  After dinner, he installed it, and it is beautiful! I like that he is doing these things, helping me out, and contributing to the house.  I feel really fortunate to have such a sweetheart helping to take care of me. 

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  2. Locomotion is right on track. Nice pieces.