April 19, 2010


 Yesterday Alex and I went to a local hobby shop called Rainy Day Hobbies and I got some fun new toys to play with!  They have this area in the back of the store called the Junkpile, and it is filled with old model train parts.  It is lots of fun to pick through it!  I picked out a bunch of broken bits of model train bits: pieces of railroads, trains, and mostly parts of the houses and buildings that one uses to make a train scene.  We bought a bunch of these parts before, and I have been using them to make many of my new house themed, birdhouse themed, train themed, and window themed jewelry components.  I love the way the really detailed textures transfer to my porcelain, and I love collaging different textures and cutting the pieces out in interesting ways.  I was so excited to get some new bits to play with, and yesterday I rolled out a bunch of clay and tried each one out, making a series of squares.

Speaking of junkpiles, heh... Today I have and appointment to go in and see about moving the mortgage for this house to my credit union.  It is the last of the post-divorce stuff that I need to do, but its kind of huge.  I have been putting it off for about a year.  I don't understand mortgage stuff, and it hurts my brain, so I am dreading this.  Also, I looked up home prices in my area last night and the recent results are abysmally depressing.  The worst feeling is seeing that the house is estimated for less than what we bought it for, probably less than what I owe.  I feel stuck here with no chance of being able to move (not that I am looking to move, I just hate feeling doomed and trapped) So I don't know what is going to happen with all of this, but I guess I am happy with myself for starting the research.  On the brighter side, I have been happy with the improvements that we have been making to the house in the last year, for no other reason than it makes it a better place to live and that makes me happy.  Wish me luck today!

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  1. Good Luck!! I would say don't move. I know you are not looking to, but the market will bounce back and eventually you will gain your equity back. Plus, it's home :) right? Hugs, my friend, I have been in your shoes. It is hard, but you are strong and smart and you can do anything!!

  2. Marie, geez I hope so. The whole metro detroit area is in such a bad place, I can't imagine it getting better, but it can't get worse!

    But yeah, it is home, and I am making it more and more "home" for myself. Thanks for the comment. *hugs*

  3. best of luck lady friend...one step at a time...you will get through this...just begin..

  4. Melanie, this banking stuff is just like learning a new craft. Sometimes not so much fun during the learning process but that feeling of knowing what you're doing (or at least kinda what you're doing) when you're through feels great. Put your banking suit on and go for it. Ask questions until you feel like you have at least beginner's understanding. When the economy recovers you can refi again if you need to. We all in the same boat in one lake or another. PS: A banking suit is anything that makes you feel self confident, even if it is your favorite jeans and silk/cotton/whatever shirt. Good luck. When you feel confident you understand easier. :)

  5. Barbara, Thanks for the encouragement. I did pretty well at the bank appointment, asked a lot of questions and learned a lot. Now I need to research and get some answers.