April 5, 2010

Fire Boxes

So I made just a couple of pendants that had recessed bezel areas, which can be used for resin collages and other such things.  I really like them!  I had the forethought to photograph them before my recent shows, which is good, because they sold pretty quickly.  I definitely want to make more and would really like to make a model that I can mold, so I can make multiples. I particularly liked these two pieces, with the square box frame and the earthy textures and industrial details.
Last night, we had a little kiln adventure here in the studio.  My brother (and roomie) is also a ceramic artist, and an awesome artist, in fact.  His work is very different from mine, and very conceptual.  He is often exploring new ceramic materials and firing methods.  Well, he was firing a type of plaster clay, and it turned out to be not a good thing to fire in an area that doesn't have excellent ventilation.  The material started smoking, very late at night, even after he had turned off the kiln. He woke me up to help him open the kiln and pluck the two pieces out, Raku style with tongs, and remove them from the kiln and the house to finish smoldering outside.  It was a smart idea, and we learned the limits of our kiln situation. Won't be doing that again!  It did make me long (again) to do some Raku firing, which I  keep threatening to do.  Maybe this spring...

So, speaking of fire and smoky things... today I bought this great fire pit from Lowes!  I have been shopping for one for a while now, and this one is perfect!  Alex lugged it through the store and assembled it in the yard this afternoon. It has a panel that sits in the center so it doubles as a table, which is what sold me on it.  When we have people over for grilling, we often run out of space, so I think this will be a great spot to put drinks and bowls of chips and condiments.  And then, after dinner, we can have a fire!  I am very excited to have warm weather gatherings here, and with the yard starting to look better, it makes me even more happy to think about summertime parties!

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  1. I love Raku! I did it once with my kids to great results.
    I love that fire pit! We want one for our new house has a brick patio out back begging for a pit. That looks great. I hope you don't mind if I find a matching fire pit ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oops! Forgot to tell you to please make more bezels! I love them!