April 20, 2010

About Time


 So I made my bank appointment yesterday and got a mixed bag of information.  The lady was very helpful and told me about lots of different options to refinance, but all of it hinges on the appraisal price of this house.  She recommended that I ask a real estate friend (which I happen to have!) for a rough estimate before I pay for one.  If it is not going to be close to the number I need, then I have to do something else, with my mortgage company, instead of switching to my credit union like I hoped I could.  So anyway, I have some options to research and info to learn, and then I will move on from there.  I am glad that I have taken these first difficult steps, at least.

And then today I took another difficult step... I found myself a new doctor.  If you know me, you know that I have lots of anxiety about doctors and needles.  So I haven't been to one (other than my ob/gyn) in a LONG time.  Fortunately, I have not had any health issues that have made me need one, but I haven't been getting bloodwork and general wellness exams for many years.  I finally decided to find a general doctor on the recommendation of a friend, and I went in for a consult today.  I go back in a few weeks for the bloodwork (gulp!) and tests, and then again for a full exam.  I am scared but I am proud of myself for doing it, and it will sure be good to have a doc I can go to if I need one.  I liked her, and hope I will have a decent experience there. *sigh* this week has not been full of happy stuff, eh?

I do have a bit of excitement to share though!  I talked with Gail at the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild and we arranged for me to offer two classes with the guild this summer!  We had to rush to work out some details last night, which was a great way to keep my mind off of things.  I am really excited about the classes and will be showing them soon!  I have been wanting to teach more, and this is a perfect group.  I love my bead guild!

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  1. We're refinancing, too, in order to add an addition to our house -- what an ordeal!

  2. Oh an addition! Sounds great! Hope your bank dealings go smoothly!

    I hope I can refinance, but that is actually the secondary purpose of all this meeting. I am transferring the mortgage into my name, post divorce. What a mess of paperwork! Hopefully I can get some better rates though.

  3. Rates are good right now...don't get why you need to "pay" for an apprasial though...Best of luck to you in this difficult time...you will plow through...rest assured!!

  4. Congrats on taking those first difficult steps. 2 thumbs up on the teaching gig!
    Bead Happy!

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  6. barbara hopkins here:
    melanie believe i do understand completely why you get mad,stressed,frustrated. i live that way every day of my life,due to a disease that makes you a prisoner within your own body,it may not be related to mortgages, but, believe i do know how you feel.it's hard to stay positive,when things start piling on top of you. stop, and think of all the things that are going right for you,it helps.your art,
    people love it,your talent,your friends and family,your website and blog,and you get to work. i wish i had a list that long,my disease took everything from me,but not once did i quit,with 3 kids i couldn't,but it's just not in me to anyeway,from what i have read on your site,you aren't a quitter either,hang in there girl. i need all the inspiration i can get for art,my life,everything,your site helps me with that. so, you see you have touched my life in a good way,i may not buy,buy,buy, like the others,but disability even that limits my way of expression. you have alot on your side,never forget that!
    barbara hopkins

    a big fan of your work... hang in there!!!