March 17, 2010

Peeking through the Keyhole

I've been so busy I forgot to blog yesterday!  I've got a lot going on... working on two wholesale orders, some stuff requested by a magazine for a spread, my regular orders, and a show this weekend (oh, and one next weekend too).  Whee!  I have a giant pile of beads to sand today, shipping to do, and I need to work on packaging.  Busy Busy.  Plus I think we are going to get the grill out and drink some beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I gotta get moving on all of that, lol.  Here are some new keyhole pieces that have come out of the kilns in the last few days!

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  1. I really like these keyhole pieces...I've always been enamored with doors & the keyholes are great!
    Bead Happy (and happy sanding)!

  2. Thank you all! I want to make stuff with these keyhole pendants so badly! Gotta save them for my bead shows though. >_<