March 11, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

 I spent most of the day thinking about food.  Well, partly because I had an order for a few fruit and veggie Snack Charms and an editor requesting more, so it was a fruit salad sort of day.  Near the end of my bead making session, I was eating a peach flavored candy while making a peach charm!  (yep, I am easily amused).  I have been making these Snack Charms for years, but then they sort of faded a bit and I haven't made them in a long time.  But since I put them up on the new website, they are enjoying a new life.  It's amazing what a little repackaging and change of scenery will do!

Also today, I met my first health goal, a weight loss one.  The scale had a happy surprise for me this morning!  I have been going to the gym 3 times a week, rarely missing a day.  Even if I give a half-assed workout, I still go... even if I am only trudging my way through it to get to the hot tub at the end of the session... I do it.  And I think I am getting stronger and less out of shape, which makes me happy.  I also started last month with Sparkpeople, a free website that helps with weight loss.  I really only use the nutrition tracker, but its a powerful tool.  I have been tracking my calories and nutritional content most days, which is sort of tedious, but I have learned a ton.  Because I am pretty much dumb about food.  So I am learning how many calories I need, and how to get them best.  One of the big challenges is with the frequency I go out to dinner, so tracking restaurant food has been a big deal for me.  My buddies and I planned a trip to calorie-laden Chipotle tonight for Mexican food, but I have my menu all planned out.  Which, by the way, I am hungry, my friends... I hope they get here soon!

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  1. Congrats to you! I've just been thinking the same thing this morning...that I really need to get my butt in gear and DO some kind of activity!
    Love the little kiwi!
    Bead Happy!

  2. I love the little fruit snack charms! Congrats on the health goal, too. I've been realizing how much effort it takes to just get to the gym. Once I'm there, it's not so hard to do what the instructor asks. :) Thanks for the inspiration,