March 4, 2010

New Crusty Rusty Experiments

 I finished up a few more pendants using my new crusty and rusty glazes.  Like I mentioned before, I wanted to try these glazes with some contrasting colors and textures.  These four pieces all have a shiny metallic oil slick glaze on the backs (which is really smooth and feels nice against the skin) with some of the same glaze accents on the front.  Then I used some of the dry glazes the fronts, along with some other glossy colors.  I like the little white wheel thing in the top pendant... it's a really nice contrast that I will try again.  In the bottom pendant, I love the glossy amber wheels and the blood red dot.  The rusty glaze turned out well too!  I paired each of the pendants with a matching link and listed them in my Etsy shop.  Click the pics to take you there!

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  1. The contrast between the matt/dry glaze and the gloss is fantastic. I think glazing the backs in something smooth is good. That's just me. I have this thing about how smooth a piece feels against your skin.

  2. Love them!! So much texture!!!

  3. Youre so talented! I would like to buy some of your fruit beads Ive seen they are devine!

  4. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to try more experiments!

    Janet, thanks for the reminder. I added the fruit charms to my new website here: