March 9, 2010

Making Time

 The past few days have been busy and filled with activity.  I have many things to do, but I have also been making time to get some good rest, enjoy the beautiful weather, making new stuff, and other things that are good for my self.  I was thinking about time and how I have been spending mine while I was making these new Time Wheel components.  I imagined that while I made each one, it magically gave me more time, like some kind of clay time machine.  Alas, it's not true, but it was fun to think about while I worked. They are in the kiln now for the first firing, and I hope to glaze them soon.  I am rather excited to see them finished!

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  1. Your ceramics are so great. Especially the key items! Soon I will be buying so broke just now!

  2. Janet,
    Thanks so much! I love working with keys too!

  3. You've been busy creating...good for you...I'm waiting patiently for some Art Clay to arrive, because I live in Canada it takes forever to get here!!! :0)
    Enjoy your relaxation and beautiful weather...