March 5, 2010

Featured in Stringing's Beads To Buy

 Check it out! My Terra Trinket charms were featured in Stringing's Beads to Buy feature in the new spring issue!  The theme is Woodland Creatures, so they are a perfect match.  My black bird, acorn, and shroom charms were shown in the spread, along with some other delightful woodsy supplies from some great artists and manufacturers.  This press, along with the beautifully sunny day today, prompted me to change my new website's homepage look to something a little bit more springtime looking.  I love that I can do that very easily now!  Maybe I should change the main image every month.  That would be fun.
Did you know that I have been making these little birdies since 2006?  They first appeared in print in early 2007, and I have been making them ever since.  They flutter out more frequently in the spring, often paired along with the birdsnest and acorn charms.  Last year around this time, I learned that my birds appeared to have been copied by a Major Craft Retailer Who Shall Not Be Named, along with a couple of my other designs.  I have been working with a lawyer, who has been great, but it has been a long and very frustrating process.  I had to register a copyright for these little guys, which I now have, and have felt a lot of stress and pain over this issue.  And to make it even more difficult, I haven't been able to talk about it. It has been weighing on me since this is about the year anniversary of learning about it, so I wanted to blog about it, however vaguely, just to get it off my chest.
Anyway, I figured I would feature the little guys on my front page of my site this month, and made up a cute little ad for them for the ad spot I snagged for Lorelei's blog this month. I think that keeping them in the forefront of my mind helps me remember that I have to keep trudging forward, fighting for my work, and continuing to move ahead with new work. That cute and simple little bird charm has come to represent many things to me: strength, perseverance, and vision.

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  1. Congrats on the Stringing mention! I always love your Terra Trinkets, the little birdies and nests are such a sweet match :)

  2. Christine RitcheySaturday, March 06, 2010

    I saw your birdies and other goodies in the magazine and am thrilled for you!

    This copying other people's work has got to stop! I've been thinking about starting a Naughty & Nice list of people who rip off others' work and also list sites with great original honest work. I need to ask a lawyer about this, I know.

    I've been fighting the same thing and it can get me very upset if I let it. Just keep plugging away and I hope you get the company who is ripping you off. Honestly, I don't know how some people sleep at night! Grrrrrr!

  3. I loved that layout in Stringing...and I notice your pieces right away. :) Congrats on all the new looks!

  4. When I bought the magazine and turned to this page, I thought "Hey! I read their blog!!!" Very cool :D