March 19, 2010

Dry Run, Firey Metal, and Quiet Rest

Wow, its been go-go-go here in the studio!  I am getting ready for the Bead Bonanza on Sunday, which is my first show of the year and is always a good one.  So I have to have a lot of beads and charms ready. I have another show in Madison WI on the next weekend, so I am under double the pressure!  I took a picture of all my beads laid out on the table after getting price labels.  They won't be quite so crammed together at the show, they will be a little more artfully displayed.  I needed to see them all together, though, so they have taken over my shipping desk for now.
I am happy I was able to make some of the most requested beads, especially the Terra Trinkets, which are particularly popular in the Spring.  I have new Trinkets, too, like the owls and robins!  I have a lot of new industrial and steampunkish beads too, so I hope people like them.
While I have been getting ready for the show, spending hours glazing and firing and packaging, there has been a lot of other activity around the house.  Alex has successfully completed his first cycle of casting in the garage studio!  There were some setbacks, but today he had some excellent bronze castings come out.  He has been documenting the process on his blog, and I hope you will go check it out.  I am so happy for him and very excited to have some different stuff happen around here

Well, everyone is gone for the evening, including the dog, who went to see the grandparents for the weekend.  I am having a special awesome guest stay for the Bonanza, so I wanted to get Ms. Furry Pants out of the house so I didn't have to worry about her (and the massive amounts of fur she is shedding lately...omg)  It is quiet and calm here, which is a nice change of pace from the rest of the week, and I think I am going to soak in a hot bubble bath to unwind before bed.  I have been working too hard and need some rest tonight.

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  1. i spy owls! these gonna end up on your website???