March 3, 2010

Drifting and Ranting

 I am finally getting around to listing the limited edition charm set that I blogged about the other day.  My first photo came out terrible, and this one isn't so great either, but it will have to do.  I think the bright lime green and pale lilac charm were competing for the camera's attention.  Those two colors have been hard to photograph over the years for some reason, along with red and white. *shrug* I have a couple of sets listed in the Etsy shop now.
I'm feeling a little disconnected for some reason today.  Not sad or anything, just sort of drifting. I think it's because I am working on a lot of things that feel very vast and unknown. Still trying to figure out some of the new website problems, like using my own domain on the site, so "big cartel" doesn't show up in the url.  I think I made the changes I needed now, so I just have to wait.  And then try something else if it doesn't work.  And I am also working on my taxes now, and worried about owing a lot of money this year, and just trying to figure out my financial stuff. It's always a very stressful time of year for me, bleh.

Anyway, I am posting a picture I took on the Bead Cruise, which cheers me up.  It's very serene and calming.  It looks like plans are being made for the 2011 Bead Cruise!  I am not teaching there next year, but I had such a great time, I will be really tempted to go as a passenger and student.  It's a really great vacation, and I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Hope you get over the "bleh-kis" soon. I have those days too. My 2nd grade teacher discribed it as "you are 30 feet under water and someone is trying to talk to you from 3 miles away". Right now I have that rushed feeling...too many things to do and finish (including taxes) and not enough time!

    Love the single large greenish-tan flower charm.
    Michelle :-)