March 2, 2010

Daisies and Rambling

I received my first and second orders from the new website already!  I was happy with the set up and look of the site, but until I actually got a sale and saw the whole process, I wasn't quite ready to fully celebrate.  Now that it has happened... *whee! throws confetti!* Hopefully it is a more user friendly experience than my old site. Heh, I think it would be hard for it to be much worse, actually. Here are some rambling thoughts about the specifics of my business...

So now that I have had my first sales, I have discovered a flaw to the cart, well at least in my opinion.  I had hoped it would generate an printable sales receipt (bonus points for being a good looking receipt), but it just links to the transaction in Paypal.  So I can print out a Paypal receipt, but they are not terribly attractive.  I need to decide if I am going to manually enter the orders into Quickbooks with detail and print from there, which is a step I was hoping to avoid.  I really like, for example, how I can print a receipt from Etsy, and it even has little pictures of the sold items!  I am a little spoiled by that, I guess.

And in response to two comments made yesterday... #1, I haven't finished adding all the items to the new shop.  Sure, I am discontinuing some items, but for some I just want to get new photos and have to write new descriptions.  But the nice thing is that I can easily add things now!  For instance, the very first sale came from an email someone sent me.  They saw the daisy beads above (except in a leafy color) in a magazine project I wrote in 2007.  It is funny how often people look for things that were in print, even years later.  I still get requests for the first bead I had in print, way back in 2004 or so.  Anyway, I pulled the daisies from my site long ago, just because I was tired of them, but with this customer's request, and spring coming soon, I figured I could add them back to the store for a while.  So I did, and it was painless, and she bought some!  Awesome!

#2, Shipping, always issues with shipping. The shipping on Big Cartel is limited, although one could bypass it in favor of the more complicated Paypal shipping.  My problem is that I have three Etsy shops attached to my Paypal account, so if I change my Paypal shipping, it messes with those shops.  I have searched the Etsy forums and found this is a common issue with people having websites and Etsy shops, and I don't see a way around it. Except for opening a second Paypal, which I would like to avoid.  It's hard enough keeping up with one, and I like the convenience of printing all of my shipping labels from the one account.  But this is not a major problem, more of a "what if" problem, so for now I am just going to carry on.

Thanks for listening to me babble on about my website and business stuff.  I could get caught up in the minutiae of it all day (and sometimes do...)

Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. All good information Melanie. Thanks for sharing. And I am glad you are bringing back the daisies. They are a classic!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I am wanting to take the plunge w/ etsy, so I am enjoying your 'ramblings'!any other tips?

  3. Thanks Erin!

    Boot~C... subscribe to the Etsy emails, they are full of great info, and take time to read the Storque blog posts. Very informative!

  4. hi melanie,

    i think the new website will be great. and, i too am glad you brought back the daisies,i have several ideas as to what i might use them for.i had emailed you before regarding donating a set of beads,an item of some sort to be auctioned at the next "NARCOLEPSY NETWORK conference[in October]. it's a rare incurable disease, in which you basically become a prisoner of your own body. katie hacker sent me one of her books for the auction,we are trying to raise more funds,due to losing half of our grant. you can verify all of this at
    i hope you will consider donating. but, if you don't, that's ok too, i thank you for taking the time to read my comments. if you do decide to donate,you can send it to me.
    barbara hopkins
    p.o. box 326
    seneca,mo. 64865

    i am serving on the committee planning the upcoming conference,but we haven't gotten all of the committee's set up. i will then forward it to the correct person,once we everything set up.
    thanks again,

  5. Christine RitcheyWednesday, March 03, 2010

    Love the new look! I know you have tons more goodies to post. I'm hoping that you'll bring back the hearts and that you'll persue the rusty crusty line. Rusty and crusty are things I can identify with at my advanced age (58)! lol Congratulations on already having two sales on the new site! You go, girl!

  6. Christine, Yes, I do plan to bring the hearts back too. Maybe I will work on those today. I have a bunch of things to glaze with the new crusty glazes but haven't had the time. I'm looking forward to it!