February 13, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: The Paris Match

Welcome to another Song Lore Saturday, and the beginning of Ice resin week!  I will be showing new resin work all this week, and will be participating in the Ice Resin Blog Hop on Monday.  Enjoy...
"I'm only sad in a natural way
And I enjoy sometimes feeling this way
The gift you gave is desire
The match that started my fire"
 This week for Song Lore Saturday, I have done things a bit differently than usual. I wanted to show this new line of pendants I have been making, which I call the Matchmaker series.  They are brass pendants with paper reproductions of old matchbook artwork layered with real matchsticks and finished with found objects and Ice Resin.  This week, I found a song that I didn't already know, but it fit the feeling of the pendants.  I used my search skills on You Tube and Song Meanings and looked for a song that had lyrics about flame, sparks, or matches.  I listened to a bunch of them, but found that this song, "The Paris Match" really fit the mood of the pendants.  Romantic, slow, kind of dark and smoky.  It's perfect.  The song is by the Style Council, but this version is sung by Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl.  I don't know either artist of band very well at all, but I think I might like both of them if I gave them more of a listen.
I did some round versions of the Matchmaker pendants to start, but found that I really liked these long rectangular brass pendants, which fill in nicely with the artwork and the length of the matches.  Some of them actually have some of the "safety matches" lettering from the logos. I think they were the perfect pendants for me to make in the days leading up to Valentine's weekend.
Here is a video for the song, "The Perfect Match"

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  1. These are so awesome. Love the idea of the match. Perfect for all manner of ideas...match made in heaven...perfect match...you're the spark. You are an inspiration Miss Melanie! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I love the pendants. I will have to give Ice Resin a try. I usually use epoxy for my resin pendants. Great job!

  3. These are really awesome! All I could think of when I saw them was the lyrics in the song, "Come on baby light my fire...". A necklace like this would be the perfect gift for a lover!