February 6, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Breakdown

This week's Song Lore inspiration is the song Breakdown by Jack Johnson.  I have thought of it many times when I am busy and running around in a panic or frenzied busy state. It is about wanting your transportation (specifically a train) to just break down so that you are forced to stop and enjoy the moment.  I have felt that relief of something out of my control happening so I can take the day off and forget my responsibilities for a while.  Kind of like when I had a big test at school that I dreaded, and we got a snow day!  I like the imagery of Jack getting off the broken down train to enjoy a coffee in a cafe and a bit of people watching, or an unexpected conversation with a stranger.

"i hope this old train breaks down
then i could take a walk around
and see what there is to see
and time is just a melody"
Recently, Alex and I went to a hobby shop that specialized in model trains.  They had a junk pile that we were able to pick through, that was full of broken and incomplete train parts.  We each spent less than $10 and got a little bag of metal and plastic treasures!  I was singing this song on that day as well... my brain seems to just trigger the song when I think of trains.  I knew I would be using my parts as tools to press into clay, and I was finally able to play with them a bit last night.  Below is a picture of the still rough clay pieces that I made.  They will be glazed in dark metallic and rusty colors, with bright contrasting parts in neon and white "danger sign" accents.  I really love the circles and think they will be neat to use in beading.

I am posting this today because I am traveling by train to Chicago today!  But, lets be clear... I do NOT want MY train to break down!  hehe.  This is a vacation... I don't need to be forced to stop to take a break this time around.  I will return Monday, ready to get these pieces fired and glazed before I leave again to a trip Up North with Alex.

I found a fan video of Breakdown so you can listen to it, and you might imagine how giddy I was to see that it is taken in Chicago, with some of the skyline and buildings that we will be likely to see on our trip!  enjoy...

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  1. I LOVE Jack Johnson. He is all over my Pandora playlist! Those train parts are so cool and work well with your steampunk vibe. Hope you have a relaxing mini-vacation! Enjoy the day! Erin