February 1, 2010

Portal Pendants

Here are the finished pendants that I started with Saturday's Song Lore post.  I glazed each of them with a new glaze combination as a test, and some of the combinations were more successful than others.  The copper patina didn't do what I had hoped.  It wasn't bad, just different.  I think I need to experiment with different thicknesses of that glaze.  Although I am slightly disappointed with the results, I am happy overall, and when I fill the with found objects and shells, I think I will be happier with them. I would like to make more of them to do even more experimenting!
One detail in the tests that is really speaking to me is the little flag details on the lower left pendant.  The yellow and black striped detail is something that really excites me, especially when paired with the dirty green next to it.  I was trying to capture the warning strips that I saw on the cruise when the ships were docked, like in the picture below.  This is a direction that I am definitely interested in exploring more soon!

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  1. Egads those are fun! I went on the Disney cruise once and would fill it with all things Disney to remind me of that time. Great inspiration, Melanie! Enjoy the day! Erin