February 24, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom?

ooh Look at the pretties that arrived in my mail yesterday from the kind folks at Rings & Things! Two bags of their new pearl mixes! I am really looking forward to working with these!  The colors are amazing, they have a great weight to them, and the luster is beautiful. These mixes have some faceted beads mixed in, too.  I am not sure what they are, but they are very sparkly and iris-lustery, and I am excited to bead with them too! 

Today Jeremy and I are driving out to Grand Rapids to give a talk at Grand Valley State University to some of the art students.  It's about the business of being an artist.  Some days, I wonder what kind of authority I have to talk about such things, because it seems like I have so much to learn about money, marketing, and business.  But I guess the fact that I have been a self employed artist for close to 10 years means that I know a little something.  Anyway, I am excited about interacting with younger artists and spending time hanging out with my brother at the college he attended.  It will be a fun adventure today!
The pearl mixes used in the previous post, specifically referenced as from Rings and Things, were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.

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  1. I would *love* a transcript or record of your presentation, if that could be managed in some way, shape or form...I'm sure there is much I could learn, too!!!
    You have the authority, talent and smarts.. proven by your business success and all the fabulous people you attract around you.
    People don't flock to people they are not impressed with and that they don't admire.
    GO YOU!!!

  2. Your talk would make a good blog post too...nudge nudge... :)

    The faceted beads you mention are "sparkly glass". Enjoy!

    at Rings & Things