February 12, 2010

Marquette, Maps, and Matches

One of my new Matchmaker pendants, with a real match!  I love this one SO much. Will tell you more about them tomorrow...

Quick post today!  So much to do!  Tomorrow morning Alex and I are off on an adventure to the UP of Michigan...Up North as we say here.  We are going to Marquette, which is where he went to college at Northern University.  We will visit with his former professors and he will show me around, and we will have the opportunity to relax and snuggle up in the icy tundra of the upper peninsula.  I don't know if I have been that far North...maybe as a kid. I am looking forward to spending time with my sweetie for Valentines day weekend.
I have a bunch of pictures to take today and hope we have reliable internet up there so I can write some blog posts for Ice Resin Blog Hop week!  I made even more pendants yesterday (with the excuse that I needed to mix up some more resin for some minor repairs).  I have enough to blog about all week, including two Song Lore posts!
Let's see if this map dealie works... it shows our trip this weekend. 8 hour drive! Whee! Ok, off to get my work done. 

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  1. That pendant is so cute and awesome! I really like it. Also, 8 hour trip? Sounds like a lot to drive O.o

  2. That is a marvelous pendant! Love it!! Have fun up north:) I have to say that even though the wind does blow here and sometimes we don't see the sun, Michigan does get prettier and prettier the farther north you go! Enjoy. Be safe.

  3. I will attest that Marquette is the place to be. I love it here!

  4. Alex, thanks! Yep, 8 hours of driving! Luckily I have good company for the trip.

    Pearl & Pebble, I am tired of the detroit snow... I hope to see some different UP snow, lol!

    Beth, we have some things in common! I am going to email you right now!

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