February 15, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop: Sweetheart Pendants

Welcome to my entries in this week's Ice Resin Blog Hop! I plan to blog about Ice Resin all week, so keep stopping by if you are interested in seeing more.  You can also click on the Ice Resin tag to see some of the work I have already blogged about.  Enjoy the Hop!

My latest experiments with Ice Resin started when I visited an antique store last month.  I was with my sweetie, Alex, and his family, and came across some boxes of old posted greeting cards and postcards.  They had used stamps on them and faint handwriting, and beautiful artwork.  Most of them were from the early 1900s and 20s.  I felt very connected to those love notes from strangers from times past, so I picked up a few with the intention of using them in some new work.  Here are a few of the pieces I made with them, made during the week of Valentine's Day.

The pendant above was made using a Circle Bezel pendant from Vintaj. I glued down a circle cut out from one of the cards, which has some sweet little flowers and hearts in a faint gold foiling on a red background.  I used a little bit of clear glue to secure some of the other pieces: the brass key, base metal cross compass element, glass stones and seed beads. After the glue dried, and I had a bunch of other pieces ready, I mixed and poured the Ice resin over the piece.  It is really just that simple!
The pendants above and below were made in the same manner as the first one, but I used a Bamboo Bezel from Vintaj for these. Instead of using it flat the way it comes, I used a dapping block to dome it, which makes a nice deep surface for layering items to collage.  It also make a really great look when the resin is poured, because the depth of the resin really amplifies the contents within.  In the bottom piece, I experimented with using some waxy colored pencil to color in the base of the brass before I started gluing the paper and items to it.  In future experiments, I am looking forward to playing more with pencil and maybe even some paint.  The possibilities are endless!
These pendants can be found in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Very nice...mini assemblages! Each tells it's own story...

  2. Ah, I think love has made you all soft and squishy melanie! I really like the last one, what a change from your usually work.

  3. i love your resin filled bezels of miniature art! they are like little art collections on the go! so cool -


  4. These miniture colleges made me smile. They are so happy and colorful. I really love how you embedded objects into your colleges. ICE Resin is the best for embedding and you showed its qualities for this so perfectly! -- Jen

  5. Love your resin filled bezels and how you incorporated the art collections you found.

  6. these are great - i love how you can take special vintage things and just freeze them in time, protected in the resin... your delicate, layered pieces are really pretty!

  7. I love the effect you got with the wax pencil - i've used nail polish before, but haven't tried that

  8. What fun eclectic pieces - beautiful!

    :-) Molly

  9. Cool work. I'm blog hopping and I'm happy to discover you.

  10. its all so pretty!!! thanks for sharing your lovely layered pieces!

  11. Loving the collage!! You have such a beautiful aesthetic! So inspiring to see all of the beauty that can be done with ICE!

  12. Gorgeous work. I love how textural your pieces are.