February 21, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop: Colored Resin Experiment

Well, today is the last day I will be posting about Ice Resin for a while.  Today's picture is an experiment I did with colored dye in the resin.  Wow, I thought photographing the clear resin was hard... this is even harder!  But it's an experiment, so I will show you the best I can.  I mixed some amber resin dye in with my last little batch of resin, and poured it into this ceramic box pendant.  The pendant had already been finished, with the hand and gems and gold leaf already glued in place.  The resin gives is a kind of creepy look... I am glad I didn't use the red dye!  The colored resin has potential, though, particularly for casting it, which I plan to do in further experiments.
One of the interesting things that happens with the resin when poured over transparent gems and stones is that they seem to disappear! Above the hand in this piece is a rectangular glass stone that looks like a faceted smoky quartz.  It looked lovely before the resin was poured, but it turned into just a little ghostly rectangle, barely visible at all!  I have had that happen to smaller stones with mirror backs, and they end up just a little colored shape without dimension.  It's something I will have to keep in mind as I pick through my large collection of glass gems.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the things I have been making with Ice Resin.  I have certainly enjoyed working with it and sharing with you!  Look forward to more in the future!  I leave you today with this week's Extra Links: 

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  1. Loved seeing everyones work with the Ice Resin, I think I need me some of this.

  2. these experiments are really terrific - that is my plan for this week - trying different ways to tint... thank you for sharing... but can i say? this piece is so incredible? the open hand is awesome - it really speaks to me... it has a spiritual quality to it...

  3. This is cool! Thanks for sharing. I haven't played with the resin yet, but it has been on my list of "must trys." You have been so inspiring with your work with this medium! Thanks again:)

  4. I love these new and fresh ideas. I use a lot of resin in my designs, but have not tryed the ice resin yet. Susan said it is great. You can find my blog at:


  5. Your colored experiment created a such wonderful resin necklace. Great idea!