February 5, 2010

Elongated Toolbox Treasures, and a Train!

*running around screaming and flailing!*  So much to do before we go on our weekend trip to Chicago!  A bunch of friends and I are taking a train from Lansing to Chicago tomorrow morning, and spending the night there.  It will be a lot of fun, and I am sure we will get into some good trouble!  I can't wait, but I have so much to do before we leave. Laundry, gym, packing, and gathering up something to work on during the train ride.  I will definitely bring my camera and try to take some pictures.  Trains and signs and traffic have been an inspiration lately, as you will see tomorrow in my Song Lore post (which I still need to photograph and write!  add it to the list...)
 I don't think I ever showed these pendants on the blog.  They were made from the excess pieces of stamped clay from my Clockpunk Ornaments over the holidays.  I just cut out random rectangular shapes.  I really like them, especially the elongated shape.  Some of the new work I am doing is a variation of these shapes, like the Talismans that I already showed.  The pendants I made last night are like this, with found objects stamped into them, but I have moved away from gears a little and found some new clay toys!  I look forward to showing them to you...

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  1. They look beautiful, with a really steampunk feel to them, very lovely!
    Good luck on your trip!