February 25, 2010

Can we have Spring now?

Here's some wishful thinking for ya... "Spring Bouquet" is a necklace made by Jamie Hogsett for the Spring issue of Stringing Magazine, featuring some of the button charms I used to make.  I haven't been making these for a while, but I am in the process of whipping up a few special edition sets to match this for the Etsy shop.  Soon!
Well, it is far from spring here.  Yesterday we drove out to Grand Rapids to give a business of art talk at GVSU.  The drive got a little rough with about an hour to go, and with a half hour to go, it was downright scary.  Cars spinning out all over the road, diving into snow banks, black ice... yuck!  We got there just fine and did our talks, but were undecided about the trip back.  As soon as we left campus, the road was closed, and once we found the freeway again after the re-route, the black ice started in again.  The GPS was being unusually un-helpful, but we managed to pull off and find a hotel at about 11pm, since we would have been looking at another 3 hour drive, at least, if we didn't stop. So we stayed in a hotel for the night and made the most of it, watching tv, using the hotel computer, and snacking from the vending machine while playing arcade games (Rampage!)
Our talks went well, and it was really fun to chat with younger artists who were early in their careers.  I was not nervous at all, and it kind of hit me how unusual that was... There was a time that public speaking would have terrified me, but I do quite a bit of it now with no problem. I don't know when that change happened, but *shrug* yay me!  Anyway, I hope to give such a talk again, so I will have to look for opportunities to do that.  I have planned a panel discussion for art and craft business for Penguicon, so I think this prepared me for it. I guess I do have a lot to say about the subject, since after I was done I thought of a list of things I could have told them.  Hehe, blah blah blah.. chatty me!

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  1. Oh, can we have spring? Pretty please! Pretty please!

    Glad to hear that your talks went well and that you made the most out of being stranded. Also glad to hear that you got back safely.

    I would probably say that since you do so many trade shows and have to interact with whatever anyone throws at you might have helped. I've never really been shy, per se, but I do have a tendency to become "withdrawn" and seemingly aloof. I learned quickly though that aloof doesn't make tips when you're waiting tables. You have to be sparky and energetic to make any kind of real money.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you made it back okay. I was one of the students you talked to at gvsu. I had no idea you two drove out so far just to talk to us! I found the experiences you spoke about to be really interesting and helpful. Good job and thanks for coming!

  3. Andrew, yeah, I am sure the trade shows have helped. We do interact with some real characters, lol! I think also that working at the geeky conventions has helped, as I have spoken in panels and really enjoyed it.

    Beautiful Wednesday, Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it was about a 3 hour drive, which would have been ok if the weather had co-operated more. I am glad you enjoyed our talks... I really enjoyed doing it!