February 10, 2010

Bead Soup Party!

 Today is the big reveal for the Blog Soup Party! Thanks again to Lori Anderson from Pretty Things for organizing this fun event!
You may recall my Bead Soup ingredients were given to me by Tari from Pearl and Pebble. A beautiful mix of semi precious stones like rhodonite and rutilated quartz, glass, colored freshwater pearls, a ceramic heart pendant from Summers Studio and a natural brass toggle clasp.  I used almost everything in the mix, stopping when the necklace was the length I wanted, with just a few glass beads left over.  I added a little bit more brass, and some Earthenwood leaf charms and steam accent tube beads.
Here is a full picture of the necklace!  I love the way the colors work together, and the random patterns in the beading paired with the asymmetry and unusual clasp layout in the front.  I loved the clasp so much, I doubled up on the hammered rings and leaves for a repeating patterned element in the front.
I love how the pinks brighten up the dark browns and greens and work together to make a great color palette!  I usually stay away from pinks, but I am going to explore them more after this project.
Thanks again Lori for putting the Bead Soup Party together and to Tari for the great ingredients!  Click on over to Tari's blog to see the amazing necklace she made with the soup ingredients that I sent her!  It is quite lovely...she has a real eye for color and design, and made my pendant shine!

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Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be purchased at her Etsy shop and her jewelry and gifts can be purchased in her Etsy Galleria.

If you would like to leave a comment on this post, please go to the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love how you did the clasp! Awesome :)

  2. This is gorgeous. Your focals are always incredible. You have such an ingenous way of grouping things together. Great job!

  3. That is beautiful! The colors and shapes were just meant to be together!

  4. Oh WOW Melanie! I love what you've done here!!! The rings are so cool and I love the leaves especially the leaf with the heart. The whole design is fabulous!!!! Thanks for being a great soup partner! Your beads are WONDERFUL and I loved working with them:)

  5. Phenomenal - as always!I know these colors are not your usual, but you did a rocking job blending them! Very impressive!

    In Beads and Happiness,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  6. Love what you did with those party beads! Putting the heart on the toggle and adding more big links was perfect!

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  8. Droooooooooooooooooooool. Love Love Love this!

  9. the pink is perfect, & the triple rings are spot on. I love this piece, nice work!

  10. oh, i like the rings and leaves theme, very nicely done!

  11. I'm not a pink fan at all but this...this I would want and I would wear! It's gorgeous! I love it!

  12. I love how you used the rings leading down to the focal and the beads you wired off of them! The whole look is great, and says to me, I love

    Enjoy the Party!
    Kate Organic Odysseys #46

  13. This came out great! Your leaves work so well with the heart pendant and the rest of the color palette!

  14. Just beautiful! I love how you have the focal dangling from the clasp.

  15. I really love this! The focal area is so striking! It's fun to see you put your own spin on such a sweet combo of beads. I can't remember the last time I saw of design of yours with pink!

  16. Beautiful Necklace Melanie! I love the combination of your natural elements with your steam tubes in greens

  17. Oh you did a beautiful job with that necklace--the colors are just droolworthy and your composition is divine!

  18. I absolutely ADORE it!! That is something I would actually wear! Love the mix of pink and green, one of my faves! Let me know if you have anymore of those leaves, I would take about half a dozen if you have them.


  19. That's gorgeous! I love how you added the leaf onto the heart :)

  20. Color! Texture! Shape! It's all perfect! Your leaves along with the heart make for a perfect centerpiece. :)

  21. Love It! Just love it!

    You are welcome to stop by for a cup of “Spring” soup on my blog.

  22. Beautiful...everything about it delights the senses! Terrific job!

  23. What a magnificent piece! You created the very best your partner's beads could be. Wonderful!

  24. Goodness Miss Melanie! I think that I love this one most of all! I love the way that you repeated the leaves from the heart with the hammered rings, but assymmetrically. Brilliant! Great color palette too! Tari really picked it well! Thanks for sharing this heaping serving of great soup! Be sure to stop by and taste some of mine. Enjoy the day! Erin

  25. That has to be one of my favorite color combinations from ever since. Love what you did with the three circles in a row.

  26. Great necklace. I really love the focal/closure and your repetions of the circles. Who would have thought of that but you?

    Hasn't this been fun?!?


  27. What an absolutely gorgeous necklace Melanie. Those colors are to die for. And your design, I love it.

  28. Oh, so pretty! I adore the design and beads!

  29. I love the colors you choose. The focal is so cool. Great job Melanie.

  30. love this so much! the colors, textures, shapes - all so interesting...

  31. Melanie this is such an earthy lovely pc you created! I really love it and the leaf in front of the heart is cute!!

  32. Really lovely composition. And I love the green leaf hanging over the heart. Sublime.

  33. Sweet, Melanie. I love what you created from Tari's soup mix. Well done!

  34. There is some kind of glorious harmony going on in this beautiful piece - love the color scheme!

  35. So special. Love the colors, calm and soothing! I "heart" your piece.

  36. The greens and pink are fabulous. And, no, pink is not my stand alone/accent colour. I love the layer of the olive green leaf over the rose heart and the repeat of the leaves up the side of the piece. Lovely, I would wear this.

  37. I am not a pink person but I would happily go buy a pink related outfit to wear this beautiful piece with.

  38. oooo Melanie this is stunning I love the way that you have used the clasp

  39. Great design, Melanie! Love the effect of the rings in the front and the leaves and dangles. Cool element!

  40. Great design. Love what you did in the front. Really! I like how the heart becomes more like a "suggestion of heart" once the leave drapes in front. Bravo to you!

  41. I am commenting ion this AGAIN! Its so earthy and its been one of my faves in this Soup party! Really so lovely!!!

  42. Just love what you did here! Pink and green are one of my favorite color combos and I think the addition of your leaves really tied all the colors together perfectly! And I love the chunky hammered rings.. love it all!

  43. That is a beautiful necklace. You did a great job. Love the additional hammered rings.

  44. Oh that is so yummy! I love the colours and the hammered rings go perfectly.

  45. I love those rings and the three together are fantastic! Great design and fun colors! Great job!

  46. That ceramic heart looks so much like watermelon tourmaline... Love the piece love the colours! Great job!

  47. Melanie,
    you did a fabulous job bringing everything together. You had an awesome color pallet to start with and you made it sing! I love the assymetrical design, I love the use of the rings and the leaves...love it all! Great job. Also love your pendants..I'll definitely be back to keep up with your blog.

  48. The colors, the beads, the shapes, they are all so beautiful. You have done a wonderful job in creating this amazing necklace. My compliments to the chef!

  49. I really like the addition of the extra rings with the leaves. Really neat color combination! Cool necklace!

  50. Now that's a color combination I love. Purple and green - really stunning. And still so earthy. You necklace is beautiful. And I never realized you are living in Detroit. I have been reading your blog for some time, and used to travel there 2x per mth for the last 3 years. Maybe we'll meet one day. Would be great.

  51. wonderful design, luv how you combined all the elements.

  52. Your necklace is beautiful, I love how the semi precious beads are complimented by the ceramics you have used.

  53. Wow...what a stunning necklace...with your signature touch. I love the assymetrical design, the colors, and the beautiful focal!

  54. This came out fabulous! I bet your proud of what you created? It's just perfect.

  55. I linked here from Cyndi Lavin's blog, her post intriqued me. This necklace is absolutely stunning & very original. Now I will have to check out the other gems made from the Bead Soup Party, can't wait! Love the concept of a bead soup blog party.