January 12, 2010

Use Your Words

One of the projects I will be writing up today, called Gear Barrel Bracelet

Sometimes, when I am struggling to say something, my brother will interrupt me and tell me "use your words". hehe, it always makes me laugh. Anyway, I have a lot of words to use today, as I have 5 articles to write. I also have beady stuff I want to play with, so I am hoping to set up my laptop in my beading room, and alternate between writing and beading. And I already got distracted this morning, filling in some of my professional profile on Linked In... more words! So I don't have much to say on the blog today. I figured I would share the words I wrote for Linked In though. Its just a little bit of professional history and goals mixed together. I suppose I should have written it in third person, so it was more of a bio, but that is always so awkward. Anyway, here it is:

The Earthenwood Studio experience started somewhere during the end of my college career, when I decided to combine my love of ceramics and jewerly making and become a porcelain bead maker. While I have dabbled in other materials and other forms of ceramic work over the years, porcelain beads as an artform has remained the consistent focus of my artworks and career.

Over the years, I have designed and sold my handcrafted ceramic jewelry, beading components,and ceramic gift tiles at art fairs, galleries, bead stores, and bead trade shows all over the country. I designed and run my website www.earthenwoodstudio.com, and sell my ceramics from two different Etsy sites.

I have blogged regularly for many years, often offering an interesting glimpse into my creative process and studio life. I have designed jewelry for project articles for magazines and books, working frequently with Interweave Press (Stringing, Beadwork, Step by Step, and Creative Jewelry magazines). I have also designed projects for Simply Beads and Bead Unique magazines. My designs have also been featured in several books, including Steampunk Style by Jean Campbell, Chain Style by Jane Dickerson, and Four Seasons of Beading by Barb Switzer. I hope to write more articles in the future, and someday perhaps even write my own book.

In early 2008, I wrote a series of blog posts called Steam Week, which chronicled my studies into the genre of Steampunk and detailed a series of charm designs that I created during the blog series. Steam Week led to me writing an article for Beadwork Magazine and more steampunk related articles.

I have taught many classes over the years, and while in college, I organized and taught a series of beading classes for a local bead store. In winter of 2010, I will be teaching three workshops on brass filigree wrapped ceramic pendants on a Bead Cruise. I am open to the idea of future teaching opportunities, particularly in the areas of basic beading and wireworking.


  1. Wow, you did use your words :) I have a lot of trouble writing bios for myself... (Maybe because I sound like I have multiple personalities if I include my various "hats"!)

    Have a great time on the Bead Cruise you lucky duck!

  2. hehe, yeah I kept typing until it told me I was out of space on Linked In. *shrug* Writing bios is not fun for me, so I tend to recycle them often.