January 5, 2010

Time's Toolbox, bird chaos, no internets, and thoughts about Home

Life has been a wee bit chaotic lately. There was a bird in the chimney/fireplace that I had to rescue yesterday. I had heard it fluttering about the other night and he finally made it through the fireplace. Unfortunately, it got into the house and there was a bit of madness as I tried to control the dog and get the bird out without him doing a lot of damage. This all happened at about 9am yesterday before my coffee. I was able to get him out of the house eventually, but it was very stressful and exhausting, and it made me have a little meltdown. I think I got through the holidays with surprisingly little stress, but the unexpected bird craziness, in addition to my internet breaking, and the anxiety I have about getting ready for the cruise... It all just crashed down on me at once. I had a bit of a cry, and Jeremy and Alex helped me calm down and get things back in order yesterday, and I feel better now. With the bird gone, we made a fire in the fireplace... the first one in years... and I spent the evening putting the Christmas stuff away and getting organized (and getting snuggles) and I am much better now. I have spent the morning at Panera, having a yummy breakfast and getting a lot of work done.

While I have been generally really happy lately about my life and my career, I tend to have a TON of stuff on my plate. I usually function pretty well like this, but when unexpected stuff happens when I am at my busiest, I sometimes break down. Especially when it has to do with my personal life and home life. While I mostly enjoy owning a home, sometimes I get overwhelmed with having to deal with the expense and responsibility on my own. And while I love my career, it is very demanding and needs my constant attention. Sometimes I wish I could take a break. OH WAIT! I am going on a Cruise in a couple of weeks! *giggle* I think it has not really sunk into my brain that I get a work vacation... on the beach with sun and fun! I need to appreciate this opportunity more and really enjoy it.


  1. I love birds, I am glad you rescued it, some people would have taken a broom to it. I am sorry it was so stressful, but I guess sometimes you just need that breakdown so that you can keep going and have more gusto doing it.
    I wish I was going on that cruise with you, sounds fun!! Keep having them, maybe when my hubby is done school, I will be able to go :)

  2. We'll make sure you have a stress free work/vacation. I don't do well under stress either, I tend to shut down instead of tackling what need to be done. But I have come to realize it will still be there tomorrow, so just take one problem (day) at a time. See you in 12 days...

  3. Oh sweetie. I wish you could see that this is inspiration on the wing to you. When we reach that tipping point any little thing cans send it crashing. I am glad that there were some loving people in your life to pick you up and dust you off. I am so jealous that you will be heading to the high seas away from the piercing cold and stiffness. Give hugs to all my friends with you on the cruise and come back renewed of spirit.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. When you're enjoying the beach (with a fruity cocktail with a little umbrella and flower in it) that pesky bird and all it represents will be miles and miles behind you. Literally!

    Perk up! You'll get through this and more, and do it with style. :-)

  5. I think we all need a good cry every now and then. It gets rid of all that pent up stress. Now you can face life with bright eyes and a non-runny nose! A bird in the house tip - if you turn off all the lights and close all the curtains and leave the front door open as the only exit, the bird will follow the light; kind of like a near-death experience! lol

    I know how stressful not having Internet can be, so get that fixed when you can and you'll be happier. You've got some gorgeous work to sell, TWO men to help you out and a cruise coming up. So sit back and enjoy all the good stuff! I'm sending you psychic Kleenex and lots of big hugs.

  6. Break downs ARE allowed, I like to have mine alone in my car where I can cry a little and shout things out then turn on the radio and let things melt away. Sometimes just a short burst can really make you feel soooo much better. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Your work is awesome. I too am glad that you were able to rescue that little bird, maybe he can be the inspiration for your next piece.

  7. Thank you all for your comments here. This type of thing is a little hard for me to write, but I am trying to speak from the heart more about what is really going on in my life... the ups and the downs. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to respond.