January 15, 2010

Taking Leave

Well, most of my clothes are packed and I am down to my final preparations for the Bead Cruise! I have even packed away some beads to play with when I am on the cruise. I think it will be fun to play with the others in the open beading sessions, when I am not busy on the beach or swimming or napping. My resin pendants from yesterday's post turned out great, and I want to string some of them into necklaces on my trip.

Speaking of stringing beads, I made the above necklace as one of the kits for my workshops. I designed it so that the leaves and face can be switched out with a different color, so its a very versatile kit. Maybe I will submit it as a project somewhere, sometime. I really hope that my students like the kits I have made and the teaching I will be doing. It has been a long time since I have taught a formal class, so I am a wee bit nervous, but it seems to come naturally when I am there and in the moment. I have lots of fun little surprises for them, and I think we will have a great time!

I am going to write up tomorrow's Song Lore post and finish up a little bit of clay work that I have done that was inspired by it. Then I will finish up my running around so I can have a relaxing evening. It's Alex's birthday today, so I am looking forward to spending time with him before I fly away into the clouds tomorrow!


  1. have a most wonderful time - i am sure your class will be inspiring!

  2. Enjoy the cruise! Bring back lots of pics :D

  3. Have an amazing time!! Hope you get a nice tan :) Can't wait to hear how everything went!!


  4. Enjoy...you'll be GREAT!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alex!!