January 6, 2010

Sorting Things Out

New Steampunk Sampler Set on Etsy...more to come in the next few days!

So it has been a stressful few days, but things seem to be sorting out now. Adding to the stress and list of things breaking down... my baby kiln misfired this morning. But it appears to have underfired (which is better than overfiring), and the contents were fine. It probably just needs another new element (which I have in stock!), and Jeremy offered to fix it. The cable guy came and fixed the internet this afternoon, without too much hassle, which is a huge relief! Also, the hot tub at my gym, which was broken, was running today, so I enjoyed a relaxing soak after my workout. I am glad things are getting done and fixed, but I need to remember that sometimes there is chaos in my life, but I always get through it, and I really do need to learn to breathe and calm myself down better. Things get a bit too intense sometimes, and I need to teach myself how to deal with it in a more constructive way.

In my time without reliable internet, I got a lot of things done that I have needed to do. Being very productive, especially with things that I really dislike doing and have been putting off, helps me feel so much better. I sent out a bunch of show applications and my sales tax forms for two states. I started the process to cancel my old merchant account, since I got my new one with Propay (which I have really liked so far). I made some phone calls, which I generally really dislike doing, and had some great calls with both my customers and with customer service reps. I photographed some new things, like the Steampunk Sampler Sets like the one shown above, along with some pieces that are out in the new Stringing Magazine. I also got some writing done on articles that I need to finish and ship tomorrow, and I did some clay and glaze work for the Bead Cruise. That's pretty productive! I am feeling pretty good about the work I have done and need to finish before the Cruise, including the sale I am having this weekend. Whew, typing all that makes me realize how tired I am! Time for bed. I hope to continue my postive productive streak tomorrow too, so I need my rest.

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  1. You go girl!! You are putting all my work to shame!! It sounds like you are doing better, that's awesome!! Have a great sleep!