January 30, 2010

Song Lore Saturday

 Today's Song Lore inspiration is the song "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" by Squeeze.  I have known this song for a long time, and Squeeze is one of my favorite bands.  I have never really had quite had an experience to match with the scene set in the song, though, until my Cruise.  I found myself humming it while at the pools and on the beach, seeing some of the sights mentioned in the song. I am glad that I finally have some imagery of my own to go with the song, as it seemed to be missing from my experience of listening to it over the years.
This is a collection of small shells I gathered from our trip to the beach on St. Maartin.  The beach was full of shells, very sharp and hard to walk on.  I enjoyed sifting through, but only brought back a handful of them.
 I decided today to make some bezel frames that will house them, probably with some bits of map and other found objects, set in clear resin.  I made the frames this morning:
I chose the circle form because I was inspired my many circles on the Cruise. I was thinking of portal windows and life preservers and buoys for the forms, and I am excited to try some new color and surface combinations, inspired by some of the colors and ship symbols I saw on my trip. I know the unfired clay isn't much to look at now, but I think they will end up looking pretty cool soon. I dried them this afternoon and am firing them now... eager to glaze and fire them again tomorrow or the next day!

I wil leave you tonight with a video of "Pulling Mussels", set to some beautiful tropical island photographs.  I am very happy to be able to say that I have seen some of this kind of beauty with my own eyes now!

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  1. They are lovely as is! They look nautical and somehow steam punkish!

  2. Thanks for the blast from the past, I had to go & get the only cd I have of theirs( most of my Squeeze is on vinyl!) 'A Round and About' & give it a spin too. I need to post a picture of my pieces I made w/ the hearst I won too,They should be on my blog tomorrow.

  3. Your bezel frames are terrific, I'd love to be able to make some of these - any hints???


  4. One of my favourite things is unfired clay. I always think it looks so full of potential. These are sure to be lovely memory pieces.

  5. Gaea,
    Thanks, I am glad that comes through in the bare clay. I want them to be sort of weathered industrial looking, so I think that's the steampunk feeling that is coming through.

    Squeeze has such a huge catalog of work! I really love the songwriting on their songs. I look forward to seeing the pieces you made with the hearts!

    Thanks, I am glad you like them. I don't know how I can really describe how to make these. I started with a ball of clay and pinched, scooped, brushed, poked, and added bits to them to get the look I wanted. Have fun and experiment!

    I love leatherhard clay, but dried clay seems so fragile to me, it makes me a little nervous, if that makes any sense. I think these will look great with some of the shells in them!