January 23, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Snowed Under

"There's a cold voice on the air
You've been looking everywhere
For someone to understand your hopes and fears
Well I've thought about that for many long years"
Today's Song Lore inspiration is one of my favorite songs, "Snowed Under" by one of my favorite bands: Keane. It has resonated with me for *many long years* in some way or another. While it is in some ways quite sad and somber, it has a very uplifting message too... a reminder to be true to yourself instead of getting *hung up* over someone else's criticism or harsh words. I listen to it when I am feeling down, and I need to remember to open my eyes to the lovely day around me.

"You know sometimes I feel like I'm
Getting snowed under with the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day"
This is a fun fanmade video for the song! Apparently there was a contest floating around for this song, and lots of people made their own videos for it. I watched a few, and I liked this one the best, mostly because in the maker's description, they say "Average sewing skills + video camera = fun!" hehe. The stuffed bunny is really cute, and I love that the bunny ends up looking at art history and surrealism books and surrounding itself with the images instead of old pictures that made it sad. Cute.

I made the pendant above with this song in mind. While out with Alex one day, we stumbled upon a hobby store that had a junk pile of old model train parts that we picked through. I found a bunch of great little windows and train tracks and all sorts of new stuff that I can use for resin pendant collages. I used one of the windows to make a snowy pendant, with a little swirl of a vine and some crackly paper, set under clear Ice resin in a terra cotta frame pendant that I made a few years ago.

I am writing this from Florida, where it is very balmy and warm. This morning, I was in Detroit, where it was very cold and snowy. So this song has been on my mind, thinking of the change in weather. I hope all of you back home are staying warm!

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