January 13, 2010

Slowing Down

One of the bracelet projects I wrote yesterday. Love those Tim Holtz gears!

I made some huge headway in my article writing yesterday. I wrote up the two bracelets and the easiest of the necklaces. That one only took me a few minutes. I think I was in a groove! I worked on my demo pieces for the cruise too, and I really like them. I will be doing a bit of photography today so I can show you some of these things before I leave on Saturday.

I am feeling pretty calm now that I have crossed a bunch of things off of my list and started organizing and packing. I think that the reality of this trip is only now setting in, and I am starting to get excited! Other than the classes I am teaching and the obligations to the Bead Cruise, I am not bringing any work. I'll have my laptop, but don't know when and if I will have access to internet. I am thinking about getting lots of rest, being lazy, squishing my toes in warm sand, and having a relaxing time.

But today is not a vacation day. I have two necklace articles to write, shipping to do, and I will be spending some time on me at the gym and getting a haircut. My bangs have been tickling the tip of my nose, so its past due time!

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  1. You are on a roll! I wish I was going with you, it would be so fun!!