January 9, 2010

Progress and a surprise behind the studio door!

I am doing well with my "Rio" inspired piece. Actually, I finished one bracelet and am finishing up the other one right now. Once I get all the crimps crimped, I will take them to the photography area and snap some pics.

I have been cleaning up the room where I keep my beads over the last couple of weeks, and I currently have a clean desk! So I have been working in this room today, with my laptop at my side. This spare room is very cold, though, because the heat doesn't reach here well, and the windows are very drafty. So I have a little heater and I have been warming the room up so I can work here today. When I closed the door to keep the warmth in, I found a bag of Escutcheons hanging on the corkboard behind the door! Bonus! I just sold the last one from the shop today, so I am going to go and photograph and list those today too!

Back to crimping!

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