January 14, 2010

Playing with Resin

After many days and weeks of preparing for the Bead Cruise and getting my orders and obligations filled before I leave, I found myself caught up today! I still have to get my personal effects together and pack for the cruise, but I have some time left for that, so I thought I would make some time for a little playful project that I have been wanting to do. A couple of weeks ago, I made the above frame/bezel pendants to try with resin, and today I spent the afternoon filling them with bits of old maps, watch parts, and tiny compasses. The Ice Resin takes a few days to set up (assuming I mixed it properly) so I hope to be able to take pictures of them soon. And I would love to be able to take some of them on the Cruise too!

There are quite a few more process pictures that I can share (new camera!) so after I post this, I am going to upload them to my underused Flickr album.


  1. Ooo! Sounds like a neat and fun project. I can't wait to see the process pics :)

  2. I am SO EXCITED to see you doing the Ice Resin on ceramics. I am seriously addicted to the stuff. Mine have all been cured for more than a couple of weeks and they turned out great. I am using oil paint in them but plan to grind up some metallic pastels for the next session. I can't wait to see more pix of yours!

  3. These are fabulous! Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see more....checked out the pics on FLickr. Just too cool for words. :-)
    Bead Happy!

  4. I love these, when will they be available in your shop?

  5. Thanks, everyone! I am really excited about these! I just checked them and the resin has hardened and is no longer sticky, so I think they will make it!

    Some of them are mine and one is for a friend, but I will be offering a few on Etsy when I return from the cruise. I will definately make more soon though! I have some old vintage valentines cards that I found at an antique store, and I will probably do some with those for February