January 9, 2010

Open Studio Today

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today I am having a virtual open studio! I will be working and blogging all morning and afternoon. I hope you will stop by and leave a comment for me!

Later today, from 1-4pm EST, I will be blogging an Art Beads giveaway and will be posting a new Song Lore post which will include some Art Beads products. I intend to show you the musical inspiration for a new bracelet, design and create the bracelet, and be able to show you the finished design at the end of the Open Studio. This *start to finish* crafting will be a fun challenge for me for a live event! I will also be showing my love with a sweet heart giveaway, with beads from Rings and Things. It's a full day, whew!

Today's Open Studio idea was the brainchild of my friend and fellow beadmaker Cindy Gimbrone. She wanted to have a big Seconds Sale and gathered some of her friends to join her. So to join in with the studio cleaning spirit... in my etsy shop, you will find some of my popular Studio Sale Collections plus some new Steampunk Samplers too.

Here are some beads from Cindy's Seconds sale, shown above. I love these beads and am very tempted by this collection! She calls them Glyphs and they are over in her clearance section! She has a bunch of really great colorful lampworked beads of her own creation. Cindy is always working on something new, which I love, because it makes me wonder what she will be up to next!

Also joining us today is Andrew Thornton. He has a bunch of delicious sale beads listed in his sale section. I have been stalking his website a lot lately, both for the beads and because I am thinking about using the website builder that he uses for my new website design. I love that he has a Skull Shop on his site! That's where I found the sweet little skull charm above, which I really love.

All righty, thats enough blogging for now. See you again soon!


  1. Have fun today, Miss Melanie!
    What a special treat...and just when I swore I should be back on a bead diet again!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Erin, Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I hear you on the bead diet! There is a bead bazaar on the cruise that I am saving up for. Have a great day!

  3. Awesome goodies! I've been lurking around Cindy's sale and taking a look at all the things she's got up. A good Saturday to be in, for sure!

  4. Awww thanks for the kinds words, Melanie! Means alot coming from such a wonderfully talented artist like you!

    Happy Sale!

  5. Andrew, I agree, she has some great stuff in her shop. I think someone got the Glyph beads that I was tempted by! Yay!

    Cindy, Thanks for putting this idea together and for stopping by!