January 1, 2010

A New Journey

I had a really good New Year's Eve last night. I got to see my friends in the afternoon where there were many crazy stories and laughter. I came home, gathered up my doggie, and took her to my parent's house in the evening. I can't remember the last time I got to see my parents on NYE, but it was nice. I took off to another party where I got to spend time talking with Alex and got my happy New Year's smooch! That was wonderful! I felt a bit awkward at the party, though, as I didn't know anyone, but that was ok. Unfortunately, there was a guy there who was ranting loudly about politics right before and after the countdown to the new year, and he sounded rather racist and angry, so that was a bit of a downside to an otherwise wonderful night. I left shortly after the stroke of midnight, and took a short drive back to my parents and doggie, where I stayed for the night. I am home now, ready to head out to the gym and come home for some quiet work time, which I have been really missing lately.

I have been working on my goals some more, and my ideas are becoming more fully developed and ready to share. Tomorrow I will start with one of my new blog experiments which I hope will be interesting for me to write and think about, and will result in some new pieces. One of my fellow beaders and bloggers, Erin Prais-Hintz, mentioned on her Facebook that her personal word for 2010 is *inspire*, and she asked if anyone else had a word to keep in mind for the upcoming year. I thought for a couple of seconds, and my word is *journey*.

I chose this word because this year I intend to spend time exploring and travelling. I am planning to add more shows to my schedule, so I will be physically traveling to a few places... kicking it off with the Bead Cruise in a couple of weeks! Of course, I also think of the word *journey* in terms of creativity as well, and I think my upcoming physical and mental journeys will go hand in hand. I intend to spend less time on production and more time on exploring new concepts and techniques and growing artistically... something that I have felt has been missing in the last few years for me (at least in the way that I would like). Spending a lot of time traveling and preparing for travel will change my work as well, and I believe that this will be a benefit, too.

So in the spirit of sharing my word of the year with you, I would also like to share my rough schedule so far. It includes both personal travel and business travel. Please note that I have not even applied to these shows yet, so it is just a wish list of a schedules, and I have to wait to confirm most of these shows, but here is the rough outline:

Jan 16-24
Bead Cruise


a personal trip on a train to Chicago with some of my friends
a personal trip Up North (Michigan) with Alex sometime around Valentine's Day

March 21st
Bead Bonanza
local Michigan show

March 27-28
Madison Art Glass and Bead Show
Madison, WI

April 25th
Suburban Bead Encounter
Chicago area

April 30-May2
Troy, Michigan (not really a show/sales event for me, but I am involved in the programming)

NO SHOWS: prepare for B&B and Skennedy's wedding

June 10-13
Bead & Button
Milwaukee, WI

NO SHOWS: prepare for Bead Fest

August 20-21
Bead Fest

very strangely, there's nothing on the schedule here, but I am sure that will change.

October 10th
Bead Bonanza
local Michigan show


November 7th
Ayla's Evanston Show
Chicago area

Potters Market
local Michigan show


  1. I think that JOURNEY is a fantastic word! I can see that you are well on to a fantastic adventure this year. I will have to see if my schedule allows a trip to Madison for that show in March. That is right in my backyard so to speak! And I am sure that I will be at the Bead and Button and would love to see you there. On this first day of a new decade I am envisioning great things. Wishing you the same. Enjoy the day, dear! Erin

  2. Erin,
    Thanks for inspiring me to choose a word!

    oh I would love to see you in Madison. At B&B too! I am looking forward to doing shows again!

  3. i love your word! and it is a wonderful one (actually one of the ones i was considering)... i am very excited to see that you will be in philly... i will get to meet you! enjoy your journey both conceptual and physical - now off you go!

  4. Marie, Thanks! I hope to come to Philly... it looks promising! That's the big travel show that I need to decide on.