January 26, 2010

Just testing something here...

Testing out to see if this posts to my Live Journal automatically. That would be great!
Brr, its cold here back home! I miss the warm and humid evenings and the beautiful skies and water as far as the eye can see. I am happy to be home to see my Alex and doggie and friends and stuff though.
Ok gonna press the publish button, see if it works, and then it's bedtime. Night!


  1. That's a beautiful picture! Makes me miss the ocean so much! I would love to lay out on the beach and get a little bit of color.

  2. the picture is gorgeous. i was wondering i follow your articles closely, and i read the ones you posted about your new work. they are absolutely gorgeous. do you know when you might be putting any of them up for sale? and if so the cost? i do art therapy, due to being disabled and i would love to have one to express my feelings about my disease. i have a rare disease, many have never heard of it,and those that have are ubder the wrong impression of what the disease actually is and does to a person. it took me over 10 yrs. to win my disability,and being a single mom with 3 kids,losing everything took it's toll on all of us.so now, i live on a very tight budget,
    but my drs. tell me with 0 quality of life i have to find a way to rebuild and one way is my art.i have what is called narcolepsy[most think it is a sleep disorder]it is in a way,but to get it you have to have a neurological disease which kills the part of your brain that produces a chemical called
    "hypocretin"without this chemical your body and brain no longer work together. anyway it's a long story,basically there's no cure,meds help very little,it controls you and your body,
    you have no control over it,and with it comes a long list of other problems. so i see a disease counselor and she is trying to help me rebuild what's left of my life.it's a long hard journey.seeing your new work with all the mixture kinda of made me think of me. that's why i was wondering when you might post it. thanks,barbara hopkins

  3. Barbara,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am pleased to hear that my work has given you some happiness and inspiration.

    I have listed two of the Talisman pieces in my etsy shop here:


    Thanks again, and best wishes.